Ajith Namboothiri is a famous musician and concert organizer. He can be called a Music enthusiast. He is an important figure in the Carnatic classical music industry. He is a multi-talented personality passionately involved with several aspects of Music. He has been active in music industry and concerts for more than 15 years. He has worked in several television shows as an Anchor, Programme conceptualizer, Scriptwriter and a Producer.

Some of his conceptualized popular shows include Ragotsavam, Rajaratnam, Sruthilayam, and Laasyam. He has also taken initiatives to promote Carnatic music. He has played the major role in the establishment of Sangeetha Gurukulam and Naadavidyaalayam Sangeetha Satsangam. Ragotsavam is a popular TV show. Eminent music personalities like M Jayachandran, Kavalam Srikumar, and Ajith Namboothiri were involved with the show. It was well received by the audience.

It was telecasted on Kairali TV for more than six years. Total 365 episodes were released. Rajaratnam was a classical music reality show. It was telecasted on Amritha TV. The show was a big hit and it received an immense rating. It was very much popular among the audience. Sruthilayam is a first of its kind Classical music concert. It was presented and produced by Ajith Namboothiri. The theme of the episodes was a fusion of Indian classical music like Tamil, Carnatic and Hindustani with western style.

It featured many musicians and artists of the classical genre. It was telecasted on Amritha TV. It was popular among the audience and secured top ratings from the viewers. Laasyam is a reality show based on Kerala's traditional dance form Mohiniyattam. It is an initiative to revive the tradition and culture by popularizing it among the youth audience.

It also provides a platform for all artist related to Mohiniyattam to showcase their talent. It was very popular among the audience. Ajith did his Ganabhooshanam course from Swati Tirunal College of Music, Thiruvananthapuram. He completed his Ganapraveena course from Chembai Memorial Government Music College, Palakkad. He pursued his graduation from Madras University in Indian Music. During his initial stage of career, he was mentored by K. Viswanathan, Vishnu Bhatt. He started his career with the TV show Ragotsavam. Initially, he was assigned to the research work but later he became in charge of Direction and anchoring as well. He has also directed a documentary series Kalakshethrangal. It was based on Music, art, and culture of Kerala. It was telecasted on Amritha TV.

V. Dakshinamoorthy Malayalam Actor

V. Dakshinamoorthy

He is popularly known as “Swami” (9th December 1919 – 2nd August 2013) were the maestro of Carnatic music and director & composer of Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi films, chiefly in Malayalam films. He has created songs for more than 125 films. He has almost composed 859 songs over a time span of 64 years.Universally known as Swami, he was influential in classical music- based film songs. In the Malayalam music industry, he has guided many of the renowned singers/composers of current times. Dakshinamoorthy was born on 9 December 1919. Dakshinamoorthy was the son of D. Venkateswara Iyer and Parvathi Ammal in Alappuzha district, Kerala. He was the eldest child among his two brothers and four sisters. His mother developed his interest in music and taught him kheer Thanas of Thyagaraja Swamigal when he was still a child. He had comprehended minimum 27 songs. Just by hearing those songs when his mother and sister used to sing. In Trivandrum, Venkatachalam Potti taught him Carnatic music when he was ten years old, and the teaching continued for three years. His first public live performance was at the age of 13 years old, at the Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Temple. It was his daily practice to offer prayers to "Vaikkathappa Anna Hanna Prabhu," in the morning and before going to his bed. Till 5th standard, he studied in Sanaathana Dharma Vidyashaala, Allepey. Then he continued in Kiliparam School. At Shri Moola Vilas High School, Trivandrum he completed his higher secondary education. Then he decided that only music can be his future. He learned Carnatic music from Venkatachalam Potty in Trivandrum, after finishing S.S.L.C. At the age of 16, Swami Came to Vaikom there he practiced and taught music. During the age of 20-22 years, he received "The Nirmala Darshan" of Vaikathappan for more than three and a half years on a continuous interval.This accomplishment played a big part in his route to greatness. In 1948, with his parents he came to Chennai and got married to Shrimathi Kalyani on 28 January 1948. In 1948, he also entered into the film world. In 1950, under the banner of K & K Productions, Swami was launched with Nalla Thanka in the industry that is produced by Kunchacko and K.V. Koshy. The producers desired to compose a song for Lord Vinayaka which would be done by Dakshinamoorthy. This was the first song with which he began his film industry career. During the same period, he also composed music for "The Opera" at Kalamandalam, where he honored through 8 Operas and 30 dance dramas. Dakshinamoorthy composed music for more than 125 films which includes Navalokam, Seetha, Viyarppinte Vila, Sri Guruvayoorappan, Kadamattathachan, and Indulekha. His everlasting compositions include Swapnangal Swapnangale signal (Kavyamela), Uehara sways avaram...(Danger Biscuit), Kattie Pazhmulam...(Vilaykku Vangiya Veena), Hrudaya Saralie, Chandrikayil, Pattpadiyurakkan njan...(Seetha), Kattie Paalmulam, Manohari Nin, Sowgandhigangale, Aakash Anand Vail pazhuthilooden...(Idanazhiyil Oru Kalocha).Swami was the guru of many Music Directors and singers which include P. Leela, P. Susheela, Kalyani Menon and Ilaiyaraja. In 1971 he was given the “Kerala State Film Award” for Best Music Director. In 2003, he received the “Sangeetha Saraswathi” Award from the hands of honorable “Poojya Sri Guruji Viswanath” of Manava Seva Kendra, Bangalore. Then in the upcoming year 2008, he also composed four songs for the Malayalam movie Mizhikal Sakshi. His endeavors towards music had not slowed down, even at the age of 93 years. He was also composing music for a movie project, "Shyama Raagam". In 1942 his first trip to Madras when he was going to sing in a 30-minute program on AIR. He was a regular visitant of the AIR for the upcoming 4 years after which he decided to settled in Mylapore in 1948. During the time period of 1942 to 1957, he then performed for nearly 500 Carnatic concerts in Kerala. He had also performed at international venues such as the “Dubai Dala Festival” at Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. Since 2013, "Dakshinamurthy Sangeetha Utsavam" has been taking place every year at Perungotukara. Dakshinamoorthy has also written three books namely Thiagabrahmam (Tamil – 1965), Asthma Dheepam (Tamil – 1989) and Sathya Mithra (Malayalam – 1992). During his first death anniversary, his private closet bearing 108 of his own compositions (Keerthanas) was released as the book at Makreri Temple, Kerala with the title "Raagaabharanam" honoring his irreplaceable contribution to the field of music. Dakshinamoorthy used to celebrate his birthday by offering Lord Vaikathappan,”The SahasraKalasam", at Vaikom. He also built the "Saraswathi Mandapam" at Makreri Anjaneya Muruga Temple developing his divine connection with the God. Then of the Sabari Mala temple he offered his wooden model. Now the Saraswathi Mandapam is a home ground which bears all the crowning jewels of Dakshinamoorthy’s lifetime achievement in the form of Trophies and Awards.