Rekha is a Popular Malayalam T.V Serial Actress. Her acting career starts right from her sweet sixteen years. The serial in which she started at an early age was Nirakootukalm, which was directed by Sreevalsan. Having started at such a prior time in her life, she began gaining on fast in the acting world. Another sitcom called Manasu followed it, and the journey was in full swing into bagging a lot many roles in the small screen arena. 
Her parents, Ratheesh and Radha Devi were artists themselves. So now we know her acting genes comes from a long way. Though no longer there, her parents surely would have been happy with her acting skills. 
Rekha married as early as eighteen to a man named Yousaf, but sadly the marriage didn’t last long. After which she took to Nirmal Prakash, and they tied the knot. But fate had other plans, and Nirmal passed away in the year 2010. Hoping to get lucky the third time, she found Kamal Roy Kamal Roy hails from West Bengal. Kamal Roy was on >> Read More... Kamal Roy as her better half. But that didn’t last too. She married Abhilash for the fourth time and has a son Ayaan. Presently lives in Thiruvananthapuram.
After taking a break from her acting career, Rekha plunged back into it through the serial Parasparam, where her comeback won her the Best Actress Award for 2014 in the Asianet Television Awards. She portrays the role of Padmavathi in this hugely popular show on TV.