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T. G. Ravi is one of the most well-known actors in the history of Malayalam cinema and is popular for his villainous roles in films during the 70s and 80s. He was born as T. G. Ravindranathan to Ezhuthachan’s literary heritage-filled family on May 16th in 1944. He was born to Kalyani and T. R. Govindan Ezhuthachan in the village of Moorkanikkara in Thrissur in Kerala. Ravi was initially into engineering and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College in Thrissur and also from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering in Kothamangalam.

Ravi started out his acting career by appearing in minor plays and also in various radio shows. After having met ‘Thikkodiyan’, a famous author, Ravi’s name was suggested to 'G Aravindan', an acclaimed filmmaker of that time. After that, Ravi made his acting debut in cinema with the film, ‘Utharayanam’. After having a slump in his career with a self- directed film turning a flop, he made his entry as a villain in ‘Chakara’ opposite the then famous star, ‘ Jayan Jayan was a popular Malayalam actor, who was popul >> Read More... Jayan ’. After his villainous role, filmmaker ‘ Bharathan Born on 14th November 1946, Bharathan was an India >> Read More... Bharathan ’ had noticed Ravi and had cast him in ‘ Parankimala Click to look into! >> Read More... Parankimala ’ in 1981 in the role of ‘Kunjippalu’.

Ravi’s villainous characters with a twist of his Thrissur slang had worked wonders for him and had helped him establish himself as the greatest villain during that era. He won the Kerala State Film Awards in 2007 for ‘Adayalangal’ and ‘Ottakkayyan’. In 2006, he won the award for Best Actor for his role in ‘Nizhalroopam’ at the Kerala State Government Television Award. In 2013, he got an award at the Kerala Film Critics Association Awards.

Ravi was married to the late Dr. V. K. Subhadra from 1975 to the year 2011. He has two children namely, Sreejith Ravi Sreejith Ravi is a famous Malayalam movie actor an >> Read More... Sreejith Ravi and Ranjith. Sreejith Ravi can be seen in recent films doing notable roles. He is also an Engineering graduate and also an MBA holder. His other son, Ranjith is in the business field with degrees from IIM Calcutta and the London Business School.

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T. G. Ravindranathan is a Malayalam actor, who is famous for roles in movies as a villain, during the late 1970s and 1980s. Born on 16 May 1944, Ravi graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1969. He was born in Kerala.

Initially, Ravi was an artist at the All India Radio. He was introduced to Thikkodiyan there, who was responsible for bringing him to the silver screen.

Ravindranathan is a successful industrialist known for developing Thrissur, which is a huge basic for rubber based industries. He is also the Managing Director of Suntec Tyres Limited alongside serving as the president of The Cochin Devaswom Board which is responsible for controlling the affairs of over 400 temples.

He was married to (late) Dr. V.K. Subhadra, who was a retired government servant. Father of two boys, Ravi began acting in plays which were brought together by young men of his village in Moorkkanikkara. Aravindam, a famous Malayalam Director, got him his first role in ‘Utharayanam’.

T.G. Ravi was also in ‘Parankimala’ where he played the role of Kunjippalu, the villain who spoke in Thrissur tone. This was proved to be the turning point of his career. After this, Ravi starred in many hit films, including ‘Iniyenkilum’, ‘Pathamudayam’, ‘1921’, ‘NH 47’, and ‘Pavam Krooran’. He gave away acting in the late 1980s; however, he returned again after a sabbatical with the film ‘ Amrutham Created by Just Yellow Media, Amrutham one of the >> Read More... Amrutham ’, which released in 2006. He was also in brilliant films like ‘ Pakal Click to look into! >> Read More... Pakal ’ and ‘ Cycle Click to look into! >> Read More... Cycle ’ too.

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T. G. Ravindranathan, who is famously known by the name T. G. Ravi, is a Malayali, movie actor. He is mostly known for his roles of negative and villain characters. He alongside Balan K Nair. Nair portrayed the vast majority of the negative parts in the Malayalam film industry which ran through the years the 1970s and 1980s. Ravindranathan was born on May 16 in 1944 to the Ezhuthachan family in the town of Moorkanikkara which is now in the state of Kerala in India.

At first, he pursued a vocation in the field of engineering and took his graduation in the Kerala University in the Government Engineering College in the state of Kerala. He finished his graduation, and he became a Mechanical Engineer in the year 1969. Besides his interest in acting, he additionally played many games including Football and Hockey in his college level. Ravindranathan was a craftsman at All India Radio, which helped him to meet Thikkodiyan. Thikkodiyan was instrumental in Ravindranathan entering the cine field. Ravindranathan is also a prominent industrialist. He is the MD of the Suntec Tires Limited Organization. He has likewise served as one of the presidents of The Cochin Devaswom Board. The Organization controls the undertakings of more than 400 temples which are in the state of Kerala.

Ravindranathan married (late) Dr. V. K. Subhadra, who was a government worker who retired before marriage. They were blessed with two children Ranjith and Sreejith Ravi. Both are now married, and the old couple has five grandchildren. Ravindrananthan started his acting career in many plays which were set up in the town of Moorkkanikkara, in the state of Kerala. He likewise began acting in many expert dramas and plays after that. Radio plays were the mainstream in the acting field in earlier days. Thikkodiyan acquainted Ravi with a profoundly acclaimed Malayali film Director, Aravindan. This acquaintance helped him to get a role in the movie ‘Utharayanam’. As he was not given many offers after that, he created a film ‘Padasaram’. He played the lead role in the movie. But unfortunately, it was not well received. But his next two movies were well received. Director Bharathan took an interest in his acting. He gave him the part of the character Kunjippalu in the film ‘Parankimala’. After the movie Parankimala, he played in many hit movies like ‘Iniyenkilum’, ‘Ee Nadu’, and ‘1921’. He quit the acting career after playing a lead role in a Malayalam film which was released in the year 1987. He recently got many awards for his acting like Kerala State Film Awards for the year 2007 for the movie ‘Adayalangal’.