Binil Khader is a Malayalam TV serial and movie actor. He has acted in the Asianet serial Padasaram, also spelled as Paadasaram. Produced by Mani and directed by Dr. S. Janardhanan, Padasaram is a sitcom about young professionals in the Information Technology field (IT). Set in Techno Park, the IT work zone in Trivandrum, the sitcom has attracted controversies. Several Techno Park employees found the sitcom’s portrayal of IT employees to be stereotyped and offensive. Techno Park Today raised issues about its portrayal of women, alleging they were depicted as avaricious and lacking morals. Some female employees even suggested that people will be reluctant to marry a woman if they know she worked at Techno Park after watching the serial.

However Khader’s performance was praised and he is now acting in the serial Thoovalsparsham, which airs on Doordarshan at 3.30 pm and 8.30 pm. He is now filming for Villaliveeran and Pacha Manja Chubappu (Green Yellow and Red). His favourite movies include Uyarangalil (Heights) and Once Upon a Time There was a Kallan, which means 'Once Upon a Time There Was a Thief'. He listens to music by Vijay Madhav and David Schowrrn.