Adithyan Jayan

Other names of Adithyan Jayan: Adhithyan Jayan

Adithyan Jayan is an upcoming Malayalam actor. He has another relationship with the Malayalam film industry: he is the nephew of the legendary actor Jayan. Jayan was the chief petty officer in the Indian Navy before entering the film industry. He, unfortunately, died at the age of 41, which was caused by an accident during the shooting of his last movie. He is well known for his masculine personality and is a renowned stunt performer in the Malayalam film industry to date. His popularity is almost unfading, which helped his nephew, Adithyan, to enter the movie industry.

Later, he stuck on to the industry with the help of his acting skills. Adithyan became popular among the family audience through the serial “ Amma AMMA is a Telugu drama serial aired from Monday to >> Read More... Amma ,” in which he plays an important role. “Amma” is the Malayalam remake of the Hindi serial, “ Meri Maa Meri Maa is the story of a street kid, Jhilmil, wh >> Read More... Meri Maa ,” which was telecasted in the channel “Life Ok.” “Amma” is the story of a small girl, “Ponnu,” who lost her mother and her family. She was kidnapped by a female goon when she was a kid. The story depicts how “Ponnu” reaches back to her family.

Adithyan plays the role of “Ponnu’s” uncle. His other project is “ Balamani Balamani is the story of the lone fight of a middl >> Read More... Balamani ,” a telecast in Mazhavil Manorama and aired on the channel in January 2014. Adithyan is currently active in various Malayalam serials.

Another version of his story...

Adithyan Jayan, often called 'Junior Jayan', is a Malayalam serial actor and the cousin of famous yesteryear actor Jayan. From a very young age, Adithyan was called Venugopal but later re-named Adithyan Jayan by his parents on the remembrance of film actor Jayan. Adithyan’s first debut film was 'Maniyarakallan,' which was released in 2005 and directed by Rajan P. Dev Adithyan's first break in TV serials was 'Pavitra Bandham,' directed by Kaladharan.

The serial was a major hit from Balaji Production House and ran almost 380 episodes on Surya TV. Serial actress, Mayamaushmi, was the one who introduced Adithyan into TV serials. Apart from Malayalam TV serials, Adithyan also acted in a few Tamil serials. Adithyan's role in 'Akashadooth,' which was aired by Asianet, was well received by the family audience. He acted as the brother to Chippi's character in the serial. 'Akashadooth' was actually the second part of the same-named movie, released in 1993 and went on to be a big hit.

Adithyan did his roles in almost all serials with a villainy touch. He also bagged the best actor award in the villain category for the serial ' Mattoruval Mattoruval is the tv serial aired on Surya TV. Lau >> Read More... Mattoruval ,' directed by T.S Saji. 'Kalipattangal,' directed by Kannan Thamarakulam, was another major break for Adithyan in his career. Adithyan is now acting in the serial "Amma,” which already set its mark on the TRP rating, with the support from the family audience. Recently, a few medias have reported the arrest of Adithyan Jayan by Kollam Police.

The case was registered against him on the complaint of a Kannur resident girl. Police said that Adithyan tried to dupe the girl by taking four lakhs and gold by the false promise of marriage. He later came out on bail and declared on social media that he was innocent and targeted by others.

Adithyan Jayan is married to Ambili Devi Ambili Devi is a Malayalam film actress who has do >> Read More... Ambili Devi , a popular TV artist. This is Ambili’s second marriage and she was already married to a cinematographer Loval, with whom she has a son, Amarnath. Ambili also has a son with Adithyan. Rumors rolled around that Adithyan Jayan and Ambili are heading towards a divorce. The news spread that Adithyan is in a relationship with another woman who is already married and has a teenage son. Ambili stated that she is still Adithyan’s wife. However, she revealed that Adithyan asked for a divorce from her and if she agrees to it, they could divorce mutually without revealing it in public. She also added that she is quizzed about his behavior.

It was also rumored that Adithyan had already married a couple of times before he married Ambili in 2019. Ambili’s first husband had also complained about Adithyan for spoiling his family. In 2021, when the divorce rumors started spreading, Adithyan stated that Ambili is his wife and he doesn’t want to take rumors to his ears. Adithyan also stated that he has been facing several tough situations and has to clear them. 

On 25th April 2021, Adithyan Jayan was admitted to Thrissur Government Hospital’s ICU. It was reported that due to some issues with his wife, Ambili Devi, Adithyan attempted suicide. He was said to be spotted in his car while he was trying to cut his vein. Before that, he is said to have taken sleeping pills. The doctors stated that he was responsive and they had done a stomach wash as he took sleeping pills. Adithyan had earlier denied the allegations against him. He shared the screen space with Ambili in Seetha, a popular series before their marriage. Adithyan had been playing in Seetha Kalyanam This is a Malayalam show aired on Asianet. The fir >> Read More... Seetha Kalyanam and Ente Mathavu Ente Mathavu is a Malayalam show broadcast on the >> Read More... Ente Mathavu , the hit serials.

As per the reports from the doctors, Adithyan Jayan’s health condition is satisfactory after he attempted suicide. After this announcement, his wife Ambili Devi filed a complaint against Adithyan to Chavara police. They filed a case based on Ambili’s complaint regarding death threats to her and dowry issues. As per Ambili Devi’s media interview, she would take legal action against her husband for defaming her through social media. Ambili stated that Adithyan tortured her physically and mentally when she was pregnant. He had also spoiled her character in public without any right evidence, stated Ambili. While Ambili stated that Adithyan cheated her and she doesn’t want any other women to suffer as she had, Adithyan’s statement is different. He stated that Ambili defamed him due to some personal problem with him.