Mukundan Menon is a Malayali actor. He has worked in various films and television programs. He has also performed in numerous stage plays. The actor was born and raised in Kerala, India. Mukundan had a deep fascination for acting from his childhood. He joined the Thrissur school of drama which is located in Kerala to make his passion into a profession.

He started his journey of becoming an actor with stage performances at the age of seven. Mukundansfather wanted him to become an advocate, but he followed his dreams and got his degree in Bachelor of Theatre Arts. He often recalls his time at the school as a most fruitful period which taught him dedication, patience, and love for one's work.

He made his entrance in the Malayalam film industry with small roles in many critically acclaimed films such as Sainyam, Pavithram, and The great father. He later switched over to television. He did over a hundred television shows which made him a household name in Malayali television and film industry. He began with Pandupandoru Chekavar.

In the soap, he shared the screen with Karamana Nair, the veteran Malayali actor. Devimahatmyam, Swami Ayyappan, Charulatha, Sthree are some other television serials in which Mukundan played different kinds of roles. After twenty-five years of acting, he took a break in his career.

The break was to understand his choices and to wait for new and novel projects. But, Mukundan made it clear that this break was only from Tele-shows and that he would continue to do films, and stage shows. After a brief period of contemplation and rest, he returned to the stage with Chayamukhi, a play based on the Mahabharata.

Mukundan later went on to do numerous critically and commercially successful films which include, Natholi Olu Cheriya, Nadan, Celluloid, and Mumbai Police. In the latter half of his career, he took various anti-hero roles as a way to challenge himself. His biggest dream after becoming an actor was to grow and attempt as distinct characters as he could.

Mukundan's favorite playwright is Samuel Beckett, and after his death in 1989, the actor as a way to pay homage to his inspiration did a performance on Beckett's play, Act Without Words I. He was greatly admired for the performance.

Veteran actors like Om Puri, Shashi Kapoor, and V.K. Prakash congratulated him for his spellbinding performance. Mukundan Menon is seen as Malayali cinema's most incredible and astounding actor.