Murali Menon is a senior actor who is known for his acting. He is active in the Malayalam film industry. He has been in the film industry and has been a part of many other film industries. His first known movie was Bhavum. The movie, Bhavum, had the star cast of Mita Vasisht, Murali Menon, and Jyothirmayi in the lead.

The movie was directed as well as written by Satish Menon Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Satish Menon . The film, Bhavum, was released in the year 2004. Murali Menon played the role of Joy in the movie. Bhavum was the first movie in which Murali Menon was the lead. Murali’s first appearance on screen was with Samudaayam.

The movie, Samudaayam, was released in the year 1995. The movie was directed by Ambili. Murali Menon played a supporting character in the movie. His next appearance was in the film called Finger Print. This was one of the innovative and popular movies which were directed by Satheesh Paul. Murali played the role of Praveen in the movie, which was a supporting character. The movie, Finger Print, was released in the year 2005.

Jayaram, Indrajith Sukumaran Indrajith Sukumaran is a prominent film actor, who >> Read More... Indrajith Sukumaran , and Gopika were the actors playing the lead role. His next film was Chandrolsavam. The movie, Chandrolsavam, was released in the year 2005. The director of the movie was Renjith who also acted as the writer of the movie. Murali Menon played a supporting role in the movie. Murali Menon's next movie was Ritu. The movie, Ritu, was released in the year 2009. Our Lady of Lourdes was the next film in which Murali Menon acted as a supporting character.

The movie, Our Lady of Lourde, was a period film which was released in the year 2007. Murali played the role of Public Prosecutor. Murali also was a writer for a movie. This movie was called Kadhantharam. The film, Kadhantharam, was directed by K J Bose. Rahul Madhav Rahul Madhav is one among the actors presently hav >> Read More... Rahul Madhav , Vishnupriya, and Nedumudi Venu Nedumudi Venu was born on 22nd May 1948. He is com >> Read More... Nedumudi Venu were the lead actors in the movie. Kadhantharam was released in the year 2016. Kung Fu Yoga was one of the most popular films in which Murali appeared.

The star cast of this movie were Jackie Chan, Disha Patani Disha is an India based model turned actress. She >> Read More... Disha Patani , and Sonu Sood Sonu Sood is a famous Indian Cinema actor, model w >> Read More... Sonu Sood . The movie, Kung Fu Yoga, was released in the year 2017. Murali was one of the many supporting characters in the film. He was also a judge on the ‘Vanita Ratnam’, a reality show for women on Amrita TV. The show has been on air since 2007.