Surekha is a full-time video artist who, with the help of videos cater to issues like Indian identity and Womanhood. Her videos have been presented not only in India but also outside the Indian boundaries. Since the year 2001, her videos have been shown in galleries outside India. She, to make her video more purposeful uses different techniques. Her videos are a mixture of visuals and physical presence. The tools that she used to bring out the human feelings are Photography and videos. She uses them to archive, develop and showcase.

She has presented her work in India as well as on international grounds. Personal life Surekha's hometown is Bangalore. She did her schooling from Ken School of Arts and Santiniketan where she studied art. She currently lives and works in Bangalore. Workshops and Presentations She delivered knowledge to people by organising presentations and workshops in institutes like schools, universities and academies. Some of the institutes are Mallaya Aditi International school, Shrishti school of art and design and technology, Malmo art academy (2005), Hyderabad University (2010).