Surekha is a full-time video artist who, with the help of videos cater to issues like Indian identity and Womanhood. Her videos have been presented not only in India but also outside the Indian boundaries. Since the year 2001, her videos have been shown in galleries outside India. She, to make her video more purposeful uses different techniques. Her videos are a mixture of visuals and physical presence. The tools that she used to bring out the human feelings are Photography and videos. She uses them to archive, develop and showcase.

She has presented her work in India as well as on international grounds. Personal life Surekha's hometown is Bangalore. She did her schooling from Ken School of Arts and Santiniketan where she studied art. She currently lives and works in Bangalore. Workshops and Presentations She delivered knowledge to people by organising presentations and workshops in institutes like schools, universities and academies. Some of the institutes are Mallaya Aditi International school, Shrishti school of art and design and technology, Malmo art academy (2005), Hyderabad University (2010).

Suji Bala Malayalam Actress

Suji Bala

Suji Bala is a Malayalam film actress who has appeared in some successful movies like 2009’s Ilampuyal, 2012’s Kazhugu, and 2011’s Muthukku Muthaaga. She has also acted in the films Goripalayam, and Ayyavzzahi. She made her debut by being cast opposite Mukesh in Gopalapurunam. She was set to appear in the Tamil movie Unmai, which was to be directed by Ravikumar. What generated more buzz than the film was the relationship between Sujibala and Ravikumar. It was said that Sujibala was to marry Ravikumar, but according to the tabloids, she was in love with a dance teacher.  She allegedly took sleeping pills to end her life and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Sujibala, however, said these reports were false, and that she got admitted because of a mistake on her part after feeling uneasy. She also said that her wedding to Ravikumar was going to take place.  Following this, there were more complications regarding their relationship. Sujibala denied marrying Ravikumar while he said that they were separated. She said that he had begun harassing her after which she called off the engagement. She completed her portions for the movie Unmai and worked on a few reality shows. After this, Ravikumar allegedly started harassing her again.  Ravikumar has a different version of the same story. He said that after hearing the details of his first marriage and divorce, Sujibala’s family pitied him and made her propose to him. He claims that all this was for money as he provided her and her family with a large amount of money running into crores.  He said that they remained happily married for a while, but that the union got ruined after she started cheating on him. He also claims that she has not shot the remaining portions of Unmai, and this has caused him to suffer immense losses. He demands that Sujibala publicly accepts that they were married and that she returns all the gifts and money that he had showered upon her.