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Malayalam Movie Actor Sujith Shankar
  • Gender : Male

Sujith Shanker is an Indian Actor, who is mostly known for his works in Theatre and Malayalam Cinema. He got training under Kavalam Narayan Panicker in the Sopanam Institute of Performing Arts. Later, he went to the National School of Drama in Delhi. Sujith worked with and studied under the celebrities like Anuradha Kapur Anurada Kapur is an Indian theatre director, autho >> Read More... , Abhilash Pillai Abhilash Pillai is a script writer of the Malayala >> Read More... , Robin Das Robin Das is an Indian actor. He was born in Balas >> Read More... , Khaled Tyabji, Kirti Jain Kirti Jain is a Bollywood director, writer, and pr >> Read More... , MK Raina, Anamika Haksar CR Jambe, and Adil Hussain Adil Hussain is a prominent Indian television, fi >> Read More... . HELEN, which was written and performed by Sujith Shanker and directed by Abhilash Pillai, portrayed in Tokyo and Seoul as part of Performing Women: 3.

It was a reinterpretation from Greek Tragedy and hosted by the Japan Foundation as part of a joint venture with artists from India, Iran, Japan, and Uzbekistan in 2007. He became famous in Rajeev Ravi's Malayalam film Njan Steve Lopez Click to look into! >> Read More... . Sujith is notable for his villainous roles in Malayalam cinema. He got his golden chance with Dileesh Pothan's Maheshinte Prathikaaram. He performed at the UNESCO International Theatre Festival in Peru in 2010. Sujith is the grandson of EMS Nambodiripad.

His mother Dr. MP Yamuna was a Gynaecologist and his father EM Sreedharan was a Chartered Accountant and Politician. Sujith’s brother Ameet Parameswaran is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. He is married to Anju Mohandas, a filmmaker.


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