Robin Das is an Indian actor. He was born in Balasore district of Odisha. He became famous for his role as the father of Priyanka Chopra Born on 18 July 1982, Priyanka Chopra is an establ >> Read More... in Mary Kom Click to look into! >> Read More... . His father worked as a teacher, and his mother was President of the Village Women's Committee.

From his childhood, he was interested in plays that used to happen besides his house in Odisha. When he was in the fifth class, he acted as the younger sister of the bride in Anti-dowry play that was conducted by his mother.

After 10th class along with his friends, he enacted a play that was directed by him. Later he joined a theater training institute in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... , the National School Of Drama (NSD). There he met Oriya famous actor Bijay Mohanty.

He also worked as a professor at the National School Of Drama. He acted in an Oriya movie named Indradhanura Chhai in 1993 directed by Susant Misra. In this movie, Robin Das played the role of Pratap. In 2015, He acted in Kaun Kitne Paani Mein directed by Nila Madhab Panda.

This movie deals with two villages of higher caste and lower caste issues. Robin Das played the character of Sowak in this film. He also acted in the role of Udiya Baba in Indian serial Mahakumbh. This story is a thriller based that revolves around a boy possessing supernatural powers in Uttar Pradesh.

Rishi Rehan Hindi Actor

Rishi Rehan

Rishi Rehan is professionally an actor who is part of the Indian film industry. He works predominantly in the Hindi language, in Bollywood movies. He was very clear about his ambition of being an actor, since the tender age of eight. Vivek Oberoi, being a friend of his cousin, took it upon himself to provide Rishi with the best guidance possible that he had gained through his personal experiences. He advised Rishi to apply for a personal trainer for acting, instead of joining an acting school. He also helped Rishi get in touch with E Niwas to consider him for his films. That particular meeting that Rishi had with E Niwas was a short meeting, about two minutes long, after which the director rushed off for some other important work. Two days hence, Rishi was called to sign the contract for his debut film. He admits that he remains I debted to Vivek lifelong for his help and support. The movie he signed was Khushboo: The fragrance of Love, which released in 2008. Pahalaj Nihalani, the presenter of the project, launched two newcomers, Rishi Rehan and Avantikaa. Based on the theme of the movie Fools Rush In, which is a 1997 romantic comedy movie, the cast of the movie had on board actors like Ninad Kamat, Prem Chopra, Dolly Bindra, Vindu Dara Singh, Raj Babbar, Himani Shivpuri and Bikramjeet Kanwarpal. Khushboo didn’t get the response expected, at the box office with an IMDB rating of around 3.9. Rishi Rehman is a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan. He believes that acting is something that resides within him and he is someone who won’t give up easily and chase his dream to be a part of the film industry. He is fond of old Hindi movies and is a die-hard fan of Shammi Kapoor and Kishore Kumar. He loves the film Khilona starring Sanjeev Kumar. He believes he is one of the best actors with a lot of versatile roles, a one of a kind actor. Rishi too wishes to be an actor capable of playing all sorts of roles. His bucket list includes working with the great director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He loves working and given a chance has no issues working for all 365 days of a year. Apart from acting he loves food and expresses the desire to learn how to cook. The budding actor has not appeared in any movie ever since his debut movie, but we hope to see more of him on the silver screen in future.


Roger Pierre

On 30 August 1923 in Paris, a boy who went on to become a member of an iconic comedy duo that lead to many shows, three feature films and several series of television programs was born to French women named, Martha. That boy was Roger Pierre though popular belief is that his real name was Jean Le Gall. Although one can’t fail to notice that Jean Le Gall is the name of his character in the didactic film ‘My American Uncle’ of Alain Resnais. It is actually impossible to talk about Pierre, without mentioning Jean-Marc Thibault. This great artist formed with Thibault an iconic team in an era of ORTF, unified for over forty years that inspired a generation. It all started in 1947 when Roger Pierre debuted in the company of Jean-Marc Thibault as an advertising announcer on Radio Luxembourg, the Cave of the Republic. They begin a long career of Parisian writing some 3000 sketches, combining texts, mimes, and songs produced by Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier on Radio Luxembourg. One of their most famous sketches was The Civil War. In 1976, they went on to pursue their individual careers in which Pierre continued to theater and cinema. However, the pair remained inseparable in the collective imagination of generations of viewers and movie goers. Roger Pierre has seen a movie career, scattered over the 50s and 60s, composed of many nanars more or less forgotten. Some we can mention: The Norman Hole (1952) with Bourvil and Bardot, The Gendarme Champignol (1958) with Christmas Roquevert and Jean Richard, The local trains are there (1960) with Louis de Funes, The Malabar are perfume (1966) with Thibault, Darry Cowl, and Francis Blanche. Among the latest movie till date is Olé! (2005) with Gad Elmaleh and Gérard Depardieu. Roger Pierre also shot twice with Alain Resnais, first in My American Uncle (1980), where he was one of the three main characters with Nicole Garcia and Depardieu, and then in 2009, in his last appearance in cinema in the Wild Grass. Roger Pierre was also one of the oldest voices of Big Heads RTL that was a religious program hosted by Philippe Bouvard. And on 23 January 2010, Pierre lost a long fight with cancer and is survived by his family and inconsolable friends. Pierre was buried on, January 28, 2010, in the municipal cemetery of Saint-Ouen alongside his beloved mother, Martha, who died in 1965. It won’t be wrong to say that Jean-Marc Thibault is now a widower.

Roger Pierre   Hindi Actor