Ravi Belagere Kannada Actor

"Ravi Belagere" is an Indian journalist, writer, novelist, and an actor. He was born on March 15, 1958, in Bellary, Karnataka, India. He studied at Siddaganga High School, Tumkur, and later took a Masters in History and Archaeology at Veerashaiva College in Ballari. Subsequently, he shifted to Journalism and took it as a profession. He is married to Lalitha Belagere and they have three children namely Chethana, Bhavana, and Karna Belagere. Bhavana is a film producer, who is married to actor Srinagara Kitty.

Ravi’s second marriage was with Yashomati, a friend whom he met at the Hi Bangalore office. The couple had a son named Himavanth. He and Lalitha never had a divorce and he is married to the two until now. In 2002, Ravi established a school for children, which he called the Prarthana School. He is also fond of writing and reading books. Some of his best-sellers were entitled Himalayan Blunder, Paapigala Lokadhalli, Reshmu Rumalu, Raj Leela Vinoda, Hantaki I Love You, First Half, Kama Raja Marga, Khasabath, Himagni, Aatma, Samadhana, and much more.

He opened a book store in Gandhi Bazaar and named it as Belagere Books & Coffee. Before moving to Bangalore to search for an opportunity to write, Ravi has been a lecturer in Haasan, Ballary, and Hubli. However, he was not able to get the career he always wanted. In despair, he has worked as a newspaper boy, room boy, receptionist, milk seller, medical representative, theater gatekeeper, and so on. Until one day, he got lucky and became the editor in chief of Hi Bangalore, a Kannada tabloid, which he founded together with Jogi, R.T. Vittalamurthy, I.H. Sangam Devi, and Ra. Somanath.

When he already established his niche in the journalism world, he became the editor of the very successful magazine called O Manase. Ravi has also hosted ETV Kannada’s Crime Diary Story soon >> Read More... Crime Diary , a nightly crime investigation television show in Karnataka. As an actor, he had worked in Ravi Shrivatsa’s films including the crime biographical film, Deadly Soma (2005) and the Kannada erotic thriller film, Ganda Hendathi (2006).