"Ravi Belagere" is an Indian journalist, writer, novelist, and an actor. He was born on March 15, 1958, in Bellary, Karnataka, India. He studied at Siddaganga High School, Tumkur, and later took a Masters in History and Archaeology at Veerashaiva College in Ballari. Subsequently, he shifted to Journalism and took it as a profession. He is married to Lalitha Belagere and they have three children namely Chethana, Bhavana, and Karna Belagere. Bhavana is a film producer, who is married to actor Srinagara Kitty.

Ravi’s second marriage was with Yashomati, a friend whom he met at the Hi Bangalore office. The couple had a son named Himavanth. He and Lalitha never had a divorce and he is married to the two until now. In 2002, Ravi established a school for children, which he called the Prarthana School. He is also fond of writing and reading books. Some of his best-sellers were entitled Himalayan Blunder, Paapigala Lokadhalli, Reshmu Rumalu, Raj Leela Vinoda, Hantaki I Love You, First Half, Kama Raja Marga, Khasabath, Himagni, Aatma, Samadhana, and much more.

He opened a book store in Gandhi Bazaar and named it as Belagere Books & Coffee. Before moving to Bangalore to search for an opportunity to write, Ravi has been a lecturer in Haasan, Ballary, and Hubli. However, he was not able to get the career he always wanted. In despair, he has worked as a newspaper boy, room boy, receptionist, milk seller, medical representative, theater gatekeeper, and so on. Until one day, he got lucky and became the editor in chief of Hi Bangalore, a Kannada tabloid, which he founded together with Jogi, R.T. Vittalamurthy, I.H. Sangam Devi, and Ra. Somanath.

When he already established his niche in the journalism world, he became the editor of the very successful magazine called O Manase. Ravi has also hosted ETV Kannada’s Crime Diary, a nightly crime investigation television show in Karnataka. As an actor, he had worked in Ravi Shrivatsa’s films including the crime biographical film, Deadly Soma (2005) and the Kannada erotic thriller film, Ganda Hendathi (2006).

Master Hirannaiah Kannada Actor

Master Hirannaiah

Master Hirannaiah was born in the year 1934 in Kanathur Village in Thumkur District in Karnataka. After his father’s death, Hirannayya led his father’s drama troupe as a playwright, director, and actor. His dramas have not only entertained the people of Karnataka but have also enlightened his audiences with virtues and principles. Laanchavatara, Kapil Mushti, Naadu Beedi Narayana, Bhrashtachaara, and Anaachaara are some of his popular dramas. Some of his acclaimed movies are Mussanje, Hudgeer Saar Hudgeeru, The City, Marma, Chor Guru Chandal Shishya, Operation Antha, Chor Guru Chandal Shishya, Harakeya Kuri, Kalyanothsava, Harakeya Kuri, Sampradaya, Hosa Madam, Runa Mukthalu, Runa Mukthalu, Chintamani, Madhura Sangama, Muttaide Bhagya, Daiva Sankalpa, and Modala Thedi.   Hirannaiah has received awards like Rajyotsava award and Gubbi Veeranna Award for his contribution to movies and drama. For his contribution to plays, he was given the Drama Academy Award. In school days, he used to distribute newspapers and support his education. His play Lanchavatara was a super hit and had more than 9000 shows.  Master Hirannaiah, also known as Narasimha Murthy is a theater legend and an anti-corruption crusader from Karnataka. Hirannaiah has to credit recognitions and awards such as the Gubbi Veeranna Award, Karnataka’s very own Anna Hazare and King of Stage. According to Hirannaiah, the drama is for the public, and from the public. He says that one has to evolve and reach the audience effectively. According to him as an actor, one should try different characters, and the capacity to entertain the public is the best example of succeeding in one’s attempt. Hirannaiah says fine arts have no limitation, boundaries, language, and religion. Art takes one to a completely different world, filled with creative and beautiful feelings. Hirannaiah is also a crusader against corruption and strongly believes that the youth can fight against it. He also advocates unity among youth. He had been getting treatment for his liver disease at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in Kengeri. His body could not recuperate to the medicines and he died on 2nd May 2019.


Baraguru Ramachandrappa

Baraguru Ramachandrappa is a well acclaimed Indian writer in Kannada language and has contributed to Kannada Film Industry as a script writer and Director. He has also established himself as a successful Documentary filmmaker. Baraguru Ramachandrappa was born on 18th October 1947 in the Village Baraguru, Tumkur District, Karnataka. His mother was Kenchamma and father was Rangadasappa. After completing his education, he was appointed as a Professor in Kannada Department, Bangalore University. In the year 2008, an honorary doctorate was given to Baraguru Ramachandrappa by Kuvempu University and Rani Channamma University, Karnataka. Also in the year 2011, Government of Karnataka bestowed him with the Pampa Award for his illustrious contribution to Kannada literature. He has also served as the President of Kannada Sahitya Academy for two years and Chairman of Kannada development authority. He has also been an active member of Doordarshan, education institutions, literary and various film organizations. The Kannada Sahitya Parishat elected him to chair 82nd Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelan held at Raichur on 2 December 2016. Baraguru Ramachandrappa’s literary work includes Research and criticisms (Samskruthi : Shrama mattu srujanasheelathe, Samskruthi - Upa samskruthi, Samskruthi Mattu Srujanasheelathe, Parampareyondige Pisumathu, Vartamaana and many more), Novels (Sootra, Ukkina koTe, Ondu oorina kathe, Benki, Surya, Sangappana saahasagalu, Seelu nela, Bharatha nagari, Gaagina mane, Swapna mantapa and Shabari), Collection of poems (Kanasina kannike, Marakutika, Nettaralli nenda hoovu, Gulaama geethe, Maguvina haadu and Kaantesadalli kavya), Short stories (SuntaragaaLi, Kappu nelada kempu kaalu and Ondu oorina kathegalu) and Drama (Kappu halage & Kote) It is been more than thirty years since Dr. Ramachandrappa has entered into film direction. For his very first film Ondu Oorina Kathe, he won Karnataka State Award for Best Story Writer in the year 1978. In the year 2003, his film ‘Shanthi' won the Karnataka state award and it has also become the second Indian film which has made its path to Guinness book of world records as it featured only single artist played by actress Bhavana. Most of his films and document movies have won either Karnataka State Government award or Best Film Award. He is a noteworthy director and great articulate. All of his work pieces are a treasure for Kannada literature and Karnataka Film Industry

Baraguru Ramachandrappa Kannada Actor