Anish Tejeshwar is an Indian actor who has worked more in Kannada and Telugu cinema industry. He is known for the role in Namm Areal Ondh Dina. He also debuted with the Kannada film in 2010. He lives in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He is believed to be a patient person. His father is a businessman. He was also supposed to enter his father’s business but he didn’t follow the footsteps and carved a new path for himself in the film industry. When he had his mind set on becoming an actor, he googled “How to become an actor.” 

The endeavour didn’t give him any answer but names of some production houses. He asked his father to call them up and consider him for films. His father reluctantly called them. He made his portfolio and got it featured on the Hyderabad-based magazine cover. The step did him good as many directors offered him various roles in their movies but he refused to take up any. He didn’t want to rush and make any mistakes in doing any wrong film. He got nervous about his feelings. He then decided to take up a one-year course in acting to understand each and every aspect of it. After one year he was offered a film in 2010 with which he debuted in the cinema world.

He has many films to his credit since his debut. In 2010, he did Naam Areal Ondh Dina ( Chinna) and Police quarters (Ashwin). In 2013, he did only one film named Coffee with My wife and portrayed Charan. The film was released in both Kannada and Telugu languages. In 2014, he did the role of Deepu (a college student) in Nan Life Alli (a NagathihalliChandrashekhar production) and Gowtham in EndenduNinagagi. In 2015, he played Krishna in Neene Bari Neene. Although he hasn’t been able to give a hit at the box office, all the roles have got him appreciation from critics and audience alike.

He says that his failures have only made him more determined to achieve success and made him more cautious while choosing projects. In 2016, he made a comeback after 18 months with the movie Akira. He played the role of Akhil Raj. He said that he didn’t want to succumb to similar productions and thus chose to take a break. He took Akira because he thought it would be good if gets a success with thus film and that will boost his career which will reflect in his next venture.

Another Version Of Bio :

Anish Tejeshwar is a famous Indian actor. He mostly works in Kannada films and has also acted in Telugu films. He lives in Bangalore, Karnataka. In 2010, he acted in a Kannada film named ‘Namm Areal Ondh Dina’. He played the role of ‘Chinna’ in the movie. His father was a businessman and he was not willing to take control of his father's business.He decided that he would become an actor as that was something he always aspired to become. He made a portfolio and was featured on the cover of a Hyderabad magazine.

A few of the film directors from Hyderabad wanted Tejeshwar to sign for their movies. But he refused them all because he was scared initially. He signed up for a movie training course for a year. He finally accepted an offer to work in a film called ‘Namm Areal Ondh Dina’ in the year 2010. He has also acted in some other films including Telugu movies. He also worked in the movie‘Akira’ in the year 2016. It was a romantic drama which was produced by S2 Entertainment and directed by Naveen Reddy.

The movie also had Krishi Tapanda and Aditi Rao in its lead roles along with Tejeshwar. As far as his filmography is concerned, he has acted in a film named Police Quarters where he played the role of Ashwin, in the year 2010. It was a movie directed by A. M. R. Ramesh and produced by S. Indumathi. In 2013, he acted in the movie ‘ Coffee With My Wife’, which was a romantic movie directed by Vidyasagar. Here he played the role of Charan. It was a bi-lingual movie which was made in both languages, Telugu and Kannada.

He also acted in a film named‘Endendu Ninagagi’ which was released in the year 2014.It was a Kannada drama film and was directed by Mahesh Rao. He played the role of Deepu in the movie ‘Nan Life Alli’ in the year 2014 which was directed by Randeep Banner. In the same year, he worked in another movie called ‘Neene Bari Neene’ where he played the role of Krishna. And finally, he played the role of Akhil Raj in ‘Akira’. He is currently working on the movie ‘ Maanja’ which has not been released yet. He is also filming for the ‘Vasu Naan Pakka’.He has acted in various other movies as well, such as ‘Nagarkatte’.

Duniya Vijay Kannada Actor

Duniya Vijay

Vijay aka Duniya Vijay is an actor of Kannada cinema. This actor has acted in many films, and he was practically unrecognizable from the gritty characters that he played which were so meaningless. Later on, he landed up receiving some significant character and came to be recognized. His first film in which he appeared and got noticed was a film ‘Duniya’ in 2007. He had a struggling life in Sandalwood and stated to accept small roles till he was offered to play a good character by director Soori in 2007. Later, this talented actor had made his own niche of fans with his different movies and acting. However, he is a well-known face now who can play a lead hero in his films. Today, he is a well-known face in households for his role in ‘Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam’ and ‘Jayammana Maga’. The year 2009 was a successful year for this actor while the year 2010 brought him mixed results in the box office. His fans like him because he was a struggling actor, who has evolved as an actor in his own terms. His fans always want to see him as Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee, as this actor is also known as Black Cobra among his fans. This actor is also a man of golden heart who takes part in philanthropic activities. As this actor does not have a photogenic face he was not cast as a hero. Therefore, he never considered him as a hero material. But he valued his hard work, and he portrayed his characters very differently with creativity films after the film. He is also known for doing his own stunt scenes or any jump sequences. He was married to Nagarathna but opted for divorce but finally had patched up thinking about his children status. This actor was born and brought up in a village and belonged to a very poor family. His father and grandfather used to act in plays. His first role in the film that he got only was after meeting Yograj Bhatt and Soori for film Ranga SSLC. He always wanted to become a hero, but senior artistes always advised to become first become an actor. He also did some stunt scenes in films. He used to part of all fight sequences in Kannada films with the entire major heroes. Thus, he took many risks to evolve as an actor. The actor landed up in getting mini-scale roles not only in films but also in television series. In 2015, his fans had loved him to watch in RX Soori, which was an action –oriented film. Currently, he is shooting for Yogaraj Bhat’s ‘’Dana Kayonu’’ that stars Priya Mani as his heroine. He was born on January 20, 1974, in Bengaluru.


V. Ravichandran

The Crazy Actor, Ravichandran is an actor, director, producer, music director and editor known for his work in Kannada Cinema. He was born on 30th May 1961. He was born to N. Veeraswamy, a film producer and Pattamal. He married Sumathy on 14th February 1986. He has two sons Manoranjan and Vikram, and a daughter Geethanjali. Ravichandran’s debut as an actor was Khadeema Kallaru (1982) in which he played the negative role when he was 21 followed by Chakravyuha (1983). After doing numerous roles as a supporting actor, he was the lead in his directorial debut that was a Kannada cinema Blockbuster, Premaloka (1987) a romantic comedy with Juhi Chawla. His has his production house named Sri Eswari Productions. Ravichandran has given Kannada cinema some of the biggest hits of its time. Starting with Premaloka, which was one of the most expensive films in Kannada cinema with Juhi Chawla as the female lead. He was the lead in many blockbusters like Ranadheera, which was a remake of Subhash Ghai’s Hero. Some of his other films are Anjada Gandu, Yuddha Kaanda, Raamachaari, where he played the part of an innocent villager. He had a compelling personality and remarkable looks for which he was known for. Since his debut Premaloka was a big-budget movie he brought in a trend of producing magnificent films in Kannada cinema. He introduced grandeur and inspired the new generation of directors. He has also worked with many well-known directors like S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu and D. Rajendra Babu. He is known for getting Hamsalekha into the light, and this duo did many movies together as music directors and gave many popular songs. Later, he made some popular tunes Ekangi and Aham Premasmi. He started his company Eswari Audio later to be known as Eswari Entertainments. He was also awarded as the Best Musical Director on the state level. He not only brought the trend of Big-Budget Movies to Kannada cinema but also brought in Digital Grading technology. He started selling music cassettes through cable operators to beat piracy. Ravichandran was also seen on television as a judge in Dancing-star season-2 on Colors Kannada.

V. Ravichandran Kannada Actor