Prasad Devineni is a film producer in the South Indian Film Industry. He mainly produces Telugu films. Prasad is also one of the Board Members of the Production Company named Arka Media Works. He has produced many Telugu films like ‘Once Upon a Warrior’, ‘ Panjaa’, ‘MaryanaRamanna’, ‘ Vedam’ and manymore. His biggest production was the 2015 blockbuster film Bahubaali. He is also the producer of the second edition of the film which released this year alongside Karan Johar. Bahubaali is the most successful and highest earning movie till date. It has already earned over a billion and is still running strong.

He has received many prestigious awards in his career, starting from 2010. His first award was for the film Maryana Ramanna. The award was in the genre of the Best Popular Feature Film, and it was given under the banner of Nani Awards. He received this award in the year 2010. In the same year, he received a second Nandi Award in the Best Feature Film Category for the film Vedam. For the same film, he also received the Film fare Award in the Best Film Category. CineMAA is an awards ceremony which is organized by the famous South Indian Channel Group named MAA group. He was honored with a CineMAA Award in the year 2010 for the film Maryada Ramyana.

When the film Bahubali released in the 2015, his career took an unexpectedly positive turn. No one expected the movie to be such a big hit. After the first edition had released, he was awarded two prestigious awards. The first award that he received was the Filmfare Award in the Best Telugu Feature Film Category. The second award that he received for the movie was a National Filmfare Award for the Best Feature Film. The award was won by his animation company which was responsible for the out-of-the-world graphics in the film which made it such a big success.

The second edition of the film has released and has already rocked the box office. People have been standing in long queues to buy tickets for the premiere of Bahubaali 2. The first film ended with a big suspense, and this propelled the second part of the film to be a blockbuster, which would supposedly answer all the questions the viewers had after the first movie. He is currently busy accepting wishes and congratulations for his current success. Prasad is a very talented producer, but after Bahubali, we can expect his demand to rise in the future.

Udaykumar Kannada Actor


Actor Udaykumar went on to give memorable and sensitive portrayals in a career that spanned four decades in Kannada cinema. Udaykumar, Dr. Rajkumar, and Kalyan Kumar were fondly called by the industry folk as Kumar-trios. In those days, all the three Kumars were inseparable in Kannada films. It was not possible to imagine any film without one Kumar at least. Udaykumar had acted in 36 films with Kannada actor Dr. Rajkumar. While Dr. Rajkumar was cast in protagonist character, Udaykumar was seen playing antagonist roles in every film. The actor used to act in his terms, and he seemed to appeal to the audiences who seemed to like him for doing negative characters. The audience simply loved him playing any character. Besides being an actor, he took an interest in producing movies too. He was an excellent writer and even had authored many dramas and books. The actor made his debut in acting in 1956 through a film ‘Bhagyodaya’. This film changed the course of Udaykumar’s life The success of this film led to him being in doing more number of films, and there was no looking back. When three Kumars( Rajkumar, Udaykumar and Kalyan Kumar) were established actor, the three actors shared screen presence in a film ‘Bhoodaana’ and the film was a super hit. His rise to fame turned him into a producer even. He made those films that were unusual in scripts and appeared a bit different from other films. This established him well in Kannada film industry. He was different from other actors. He was not a superstar but achieved stardom easily. Most of his films fared well at box office and even received critical acclaim too. He acted in the film ‘School Master’ (1958), which was the first Kannada film to celebrate the silver jubilee. He even appeared in guest roles in some movies. Udayakumar was born in Madras on 5 March 1933. He died at a young age when he was just 52. He passed away on 26 December 1985.


Sandesh Nagaraj

Sandesh Nagaraj is a well-known personality from South India known for his versatile work in the country. He is originally from Mysore where he did his B.Sc. And had a very hard life then. He is known for his hotel and his primary bus transport business. He started his bus transport in 1969 known as Sandesh transport. His transport was between Mysore and Chikkamagalur via Moodigere. His first bus was named after his first childSandesh. His private bus business was nationalized in 1976 by the then chief minister D.Devraj. He also increased his bonding with B.L.Shankar, a former member of Legislative Council who later became Congress MLC. The era of Sandesh Nagaraj, he excelled in his business and rose in stature. He then was said to have the Midas’s touch as whatever he touched turned to gold and step by step he entered the hotel business. He had a bar and restaurant named Sambhrama; he also stepped in liquor wholesale. He later realized the importance of advertising and gave huge importance to the advertisement as even now if visited Mysore there are enormous hoardings everywhere. His real name is SubbeGowdaNagaraj which is also his father’s name but when he entered hotel business he choose his son’s name and which later became a mascot as he earned vast popularity everywhere and was known as SandeshNagaraj. All his ventures termed as Sandesh became a huge success. He also has a production Unit known as Sandesh Combines, by this Sandesh became an introduction to him, and S. Nagaraj became SandeshNagaraj. Later he became the chairman of MUDA and a successful film producer. He is a very religious person as prayer is a regular part of his life and also a philanthropist, he believes in social service and has contributed to many noble causes. He is famous for many of his Kannada films such as Prince, Mangana Kaiyalli Manikya and Airavata.He started from the bottom and had established the world about his worth. He is one of the famous personalities of South India.

Sandesh Nagaraj Kannada Actor