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Sandesh Nagaraj Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Sandesh Nagaraj is a well-known personality from South India known for his versatile work in the country. He is originally from Mysore where he did his B.Sc. And had a very hard life then. He is known for his hotel and his primary bus transport business. He started his bus transport in 1969 known as Sandesh transport. His transport was between Mysore and Chikkamagalur via Moodigere. His first bus was named after his first childSandesh. His private bus business was nationalized in 1976 by the then chief minister D.Devraj.

He also increased his bonding with B.L.Shankar, a former member of Legislative Council who later became Congress MLC. The era of Sandesh Nagaraj, he excelled in his business and rose in stature. He then was said to have the Midas’s touch as whatever he touched turned to gold and step by step he entered the hotel business. He had a bar and restaurant named Sambhrama; he also stepped in liquor wholesale. He later realized the importance of advertising and gave huge importance to the advertisement as even now if visited Mysore there are enormous hoardings everywhere.

His real name is SubbeGowdaNagaraj which is also his father’s name but when he entered hotel business he choose his son’s name and which later became a mascot as he earned vast popularity everywhere and was known as SandeshNagaraj. All his ventures termed as Sandesh became a huge success. He also has a production Unit known as Sandesh Combines, by this Sandesh became an introduction to him, and S. Nagaraj became SandeshNagaraj. Later he became the chairman of MUDA and a successful film producer.

He is a very religious person as prayer is a regular part of his life and also a philanthropist, he believes in social service and has contributed to many noble causes. He is famous for many of his Kannada films such as Prince, Mangana Kaiyalli Manikya and Airavata.He started from the bottom and had established the world about his worth. He is one of the famous personalities of South India.