A producer of a film or series holds the responsibility for the entire project. From arranging funds to appointing writers and directors, the burden of a project lies heavily upon the producer's shoulders. On the other hand, the role of an actor is itself a challenging one because he is the one who will be facing the audience and has to put the emotions of the whole script into his acting. Both fields are contrary to each other and require specialization.

But what if I told you that both abilities can be found in a single person?Many of you will not believe it, but Avinash U Shetty is one such unique personality in India, who is both an actor and a producer. Avinash works for the Kannada entertainment industry. He has debuted as an actor in a movie named Actor, released in 2016, and later debuted as a producer in a movie called Toss in 2017.

Avinash has also produced films like Aa Karaala Ratri Click to look into! >> Read More... Aa Karaala Ratri and has worked on famous movies like Pingara, released in 2021, which was declared a hit, and Thrayambakam. Avinash is a live example of sheer dedication; his work is receiving appreciation. We hope he continues to grow more.