Sharmiela Mandre Kannada Actress
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Sharmiela Mandre was born in Bangalore, Karnataka and mainly appears in South Indian Films. She has been in the South Indian Film Industry since 2008. She has been a prominent actress in Kannada films and has also acted in a few Tamil and Telugu films. Sharmiela comes from a family of distributors and producers due to which she has had a connection with the industry right from her childhood. Venturing into this industry has been her dream since childhood, and she has sure done well to fulfil that dream of hers.

Despite coming from an affluent background full of people having influential connections from the film industry, she chose to make herself capable before fulfilling her ambition. She pursued a course in acting in London and even did modelling for a few years before starting her stint with films and did well there as well. She made her debut with Sajni, a Kannada film in 2007, produced by her sister and in the same year gave her first commercial success, Krishna. Both the movies helped shape up her image in the industry and introduced her to more film offers as well as fans. She has always ensured not to be named as just a glamorous actress and to take up roles that are challenging and give her enough scope to showcase her skills. She is a fitness freak and believes in maintaining herself.

Not just this, she involves herself totally in the character that she has to play and the language she has to speak. She made her debut in Tamil with Mirattal and with Kevvu Keka After a long and tiring day at work, people want s >> Read More... Kevvu Keka in Telugu for which she also received an award for ‘Best Female Debut’.

Seeing her growth and her popularity, this young and beautiful actress sure has a long way to go!