Aniruddha Jatkar is a Kannada actor whose significant contributions to the entertainment industry are worth noting. His performance in a number of blockbusters has made him famous. He is an actor who is endowed with talent. He loves roles that are experimental. He is married to Keerthi.

His wife is the daughter of Vishnuvardhan, who is a superstar in the movie industry. Aniruddha’s collaboration with Amar Katha, led to the creation of the comic book series with premiere title known as “The Case of The Reluctant Pickpocket.”This has impressed the audience and given a boost to the reputation of the film industry.

In 2001 he performed in the movie titled “ Chitte Click to look into! >> Read More... Chitte ”. This is a drama, directed by Dinesh Baboo Among the success stories of cinematographer turne >> Read More... Dinesh Baboo . Aniruddha acts alongside . .By 2002, “Thuntata,” a comedy, directed by Indrajith is released. Aniruddha and Rekha play very vital roles in this film. Yaare Nee Hudugi” is publicized in 2004. This movie is directed by Shankar. The acting roles in “Yaare Nee Hudugi” are played by Aniruddha and . “Jyesta” also released in 2004 remains a delight to watch. “Rakshasa” revealed on 25 Mar 2005 is produced by Ramu. Jayanth supervises” Nali Naliyutha.” Aniruddh and Vidisha are responsible for playing the lead roles. “Nali Naliyutha” is released in August 2007. Director is Suresh Khrishna whose contribution enhances the success of “Nali Naliyutha.” 5 idiots” is a comedy directed by Anand. Director Anand and Aniruddha also have roles in this movie as actors. This is a film released in 2011.” Aidondla Aidu” by Prakash is produced the same year with Anirudhha performing as an actor.”Sahapadi” 1975 is announced at the end of 2011.This is a Malayalam movie, directed by Titto.

Actors of” Sahapadi 1975” are Aniruddha, Vineeth Kumar Vineeth Kumar is a Malayalam actor and film direct >> Read More... Vineeth Kumar , Manoj K Jayan and others. “Shabarimale Yaatre” is a drama, directed by Shanthakumar is making waves in the entertainment industry.. The cast of “Shabarimale Yaatre” includes Aniruddha. His recent movie is “ Kalaberake Click to look into! >> Read More... Kalaberake ,” which is a comedy written and directed by Madhu Diwakar. “Kalaberake” is produced by Manje Gowda and released in 2017. Aniruddha is actively involved in his upcoming movie titled “Ramja Simha.”The film is a tribute to his wife’s father, Vishnuvardhan, who died in 2009.Bharathi Vishnuvardan, his wife’s mother will act in”Ramja Simha”. Nikita Tukral is playing the female lead in the movie. Vishnuvardhan and Prakash will perform in the film. Ravi Varma He was born in East Godavari district, Andhra Prad >> Read More... Ravi Varma is the director of this blockbuster. Ravi is also involved in scripting. Ambareesh who is a friend to Vishnuvardhan is playing an indispensable role in accomplishing the project successfully.