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Mangalya Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Mangalya is a Kannada television serial broadcast on the Udaya Tv channel. It is a serial depicting the power of the rituals of an Indian marriage. The symbolism of the rituals and ceremonies in an Indian wedding is described in detail in this serial. ‘Mangalya’ word in English means the holy thread tied around the bride’s neck by her groom during one of the rituals in the marriage. The Sanskrit meaning of Mangalya is ‘Wearing the Auspicious.’ The thread symbolizes the lifelong bond that the bride and groom are tied into. This serial celebrates the traditional Indian wedding and the purity of its rituals. The story starts with the marriage of the main characters of the serial.

The power in this thread is phenomenal. This is the concept of this serial. A simple necklace around a wife’s neck can protect her husband from the greatest of evil if the bond is true and pure. The good wishes of a wife go a long way to protect a husband. In one episode of this serial, the mangalya gets robbed by a relative of the woman. But it still tries to protect its owner despite its removal from its owner’s neck. It gets stuck in the doorknob of the door where its owner is left to die. This is the power of this mangalya.  This serial is purely based on ‘Mangalya’ which means the identification of a woman as a married woman. 




Manjula Paritala Kannada TV-Actress
DOB: 9 May 1990
Manjula Paritala
Ashok Hegde Kannada TV-Actor
DOB: 12 September 1951
Ashok Hegde