Arjun Lewis

Other names of Arjun Lewis: Arjun Luis

Arjun Lewis is an Indian film Director, Lyricist, and Scriptwriter. He is from Mangaluru, Karnataka. He has been crazy about films since he was a kid. In that decade, a Blockbuster film was launched, named " Mungaaru Male Click to look into! >> Read More... Mungaaru Male " in 2006. Arjun Lewis found this film adorable, and he assured that he should be a part of the projects like this.

He has completed his past education in the engineering domain. Even his college friends and his lecturers encouraged him to concentrate on producing films.

At that time, he had decided to leave for Bengaluru. Here, his new journey had commenced. He came to Bengaluru, for learning about the Screenwriting, which is the 'core' of acting. His mentors are V Manohar and Suni. Manohar taught him the lyrics by the tune of the song. Suni gave him a favorable opportunity of writing a song for his directional film " Chamak Click to look into! >> Read More... Chamak ."

He has performed on two short films, but they were not up to the mark, and by this, he has learned so much. In his second short film, he met with Akshit, his new friend. While traveling, they decided to make a movie named " Lungi Click to look into! >> Read More... Lungi ." Akhshit thought of an idea of a man entering the mall wearing a Lungi than how will others react.

Arjun loved this concept and has given a green signal by viewing the script written by Mukesh. They decided to create the favorable opportunity for the newcomers in this vast sector.

Arjun Lewis's film "Lungi," has an outstanding message for all the individuals. In India, Every parent wants their children to go to the biggest industry or achieve something big. This film shows that how a youngster needs to come up on their own.