Kannada Assistant Director ( 0 - 12 )


Job Of An Assistant Director

The Job Of An Assistant Director On A Film Incorporates Following Every Day Advance Against The Taping Creation Plan, Orchestrating Coordination, Preparing Daily Call Sheets, Checking Cast And Group, And Keeping Up Request On The Set.

They Additionally Need To Deal With The Well Being And Health Of The Crew. The Role Of An Assistant To The Director Is Often Confused With Assistant Director But The Responsibilities Are Entirely Different The Partner To The Executive Deals With The Majority Of The Assistant Being Developed, Pre-Production, While On Set, Through After Creation And Is Frequently Engaged With Both Personal Management Just As Creative Parts Of The Production Procedure.

The Assistant Director Must Be The Intermediary Between The Director And The Crew, They Are The Ones That Get Things Done, And Most Importantly, They Are Responsible To Get The Day’s Schedule Completed. In Essence, They “Manage” The Entire Film.Apart From That They Must Be Multi Tasker, Diplomatic, A Team Player, Hard Worker Etc.