He was born on 14 October 1986 in Bangalore. His father name is Narsimhaiah. His mother name is Vijayalakshmi. He was born at K.C. General Hospital in the Bangalore, Karnataka. He is an Indian. His other names are Narsimhaiah Sunil Kumar and Modigala ‘Modi’. He has one sibling. His sibling is a girl. His sister name is Harhashree. He is a Film Director as well as a lyricist, Screenwriter and Producer, also. His screen name is Suni. He had completed his schooling from Peenya Government College. He had done his higher secondary education in Science. He completed his Graduation KLE College, Bangalore. He received Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology. When he was young, he was always busy to fill the pages of notebooks with poems. After that writing and cinema became his passion. His debut film was Simple Agi Ondh Love Story ‘Love Story’ was a series that was telecast on SAB >> Read More... Love Story . As an assistant director under Dinesh Baboo Among the success stories of cinematographer turne >> Read More... Dinesh Baboo , he started his career. With Janumada Gelathi, he initiated his career. He also works for Januma Janumadallu.

He played a role as assistant director for Dinesh Baboo in School Master Click to look into! >> Read More... School Master and many other films. He also did many short films. He was going for Simple Agi Ondh Love Story when he wants to become an independent. He decided to stay independent with his friends when he felt their producers expected him to cut down budgets with each script. Then he and his friends invested their money for made Simple Agi Ondh Love Story. The budget of this story was Rs.30 to 40 lakh. Suni played a role as a producer for both Bahuparak and Manamohaka. He started his production house. His production house named Suvin Cinemas and etymologically. The Suvin Cinemas production house derived from the names of his mother, father and his own. Filmography of Simple Suni In 2013,

He made Simple Agi Ondh Love Story. He is the producer, director, and screenwriter. Lyrics of this movie have been written by him. In 2014, He made two films named Ulidavaru Kandanthe Click to look into! >> Read More... Ulidavaru Kandanthe and Bahuparak. He was a producer for both pictures. He played a role as director for Bahuparak. Lyrics of Bahuparak had also written by him. He played a role as director and screenwriter for both Simple Agi Innond Love Story and Chamak. He will play a role as director for Manamohaka, which is coming in 2017. Lyrics for Manamohaka had also written by him.

Jogi Prem Kannada Actor

Jogi Prem

Prem is a multi-talented celebrity. He is a Film Director, Actor, Playback Singer, and lyricist. He was born on 22nd October 1976 in Maddur in Karnataka. His original name is Kiran Kumar, but he is famous by his screen name Prem. He is popular as Indian film Director and actor in Kannada Cinema. Currently, he resides in the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore. He started his career in the year 2003 and were working to date. He was married to Rakshita, who is an actress-turned-producer. Their son’s name is Surya.This thirty-nine-year-old celeb is a meticulous hardworking person. He is one of the star directors of the film industry of Kannada. He not only performs his role in the field of direction but also pursues his habit of singing. He does occasional singing and writes lyrics too. He received the title of Hatrick Director. He debuted in the films in 2003 from Kariya as director. In acting field, he made his debut in the year 2008 from the movie Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide. He also did act in the film Daasavala in the year 2013, but it was not appreciated much. His movie Kariya was a gangster romance film and was a big hit and much appreciated by the audience. Darshan was the main lead in the movie, and he played the role of a gangster who tries to show his love his feelings. The songs of the movies were on the chartbusters. In 2003, only he directed one more film namely Excuse Me which was a romantic story. The songs of this movie became the chartbusters of that time. In 2005, Prem saw the pinnacle of success in his blockbuster movies Jogi. Shivarajkumar did his comeback from this movie, and the movie’s theme and the script got lots of appreciation. In 2008, he debuted from the movie Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide as an actor, but this was a flop. Prem directed his next film Raaj the Showman in the year 2010. The movie was an average one, but Prem put up his best efforts to overcome his failure. In 2012 also, Prem tried his luck in acting in the film Prem Adda directed by Mahesh Babu. This time, also the film was criticized a lot. He never let his downfalls affect him and made various films. He is also famous for his other movies named as Jogayya, Dasavala, “R” The King, and Kali Another version of this Bio... Kiran Kumar or popularly known by the name Jogi Prem is a director who was born on 22nd October 1976 in Karnataka, India. Jogi is a talented director and has also showcased his acting skills in various Kannada movies. He is also a lyricist and has also recorded his voice for different films. His father is Rajappa, and his mother is Bhagyamma. Jogi was raised in Karnataka and received his education there. Jogi made his directorial debut in the year 2003 with the movie “Kariya”, a romantic movie which involved various gangsters. The picture was highly appreciated, the soundtrack of the movie was phenomenal and the director, Jogi was critically acclaimed for his work. The movie had a simple story in which a gangster falls in love with a bar dancer. In 2003, Jogi directed a Kannada romantic-drama flick; “Excuse Me” the movie did a sensational business at the Box Office and was declared as one of the major musical hit. In 2005, Prem directed Jogi, a movie about an old lady who leaves her village and visits the city in search for her son, who happens to lose her son a few years and hopes to find him back. The movie grossed Rs 22 crores at the Box Office and other film industries remade it because of its plain storyline. The film received a great response at the box office and was appreciated by the critics. Jogi Prem was the lead cast in the 2012 release, “Prem Adda”. The movie was directed by Mahesh Babu, the movie received mixed reviews from the critics following the amount of violence the movie showed, the censor board gave it an A certificate. It was the first time that Jogi had acted under the direction of a different director other than himself. The movie managed to collect Rs 6cr. Other movies of Prem Jogi include Raaj the Showman, Jogayya, Dasavala, etc. Jogi’s recent release includes the 2015 picture “DK” where Jogi played the lead role and even directed and produced it. Jogi’s talent is unmatchable and he has created some of the finest works which have grasped the attention of many and has been an inspirational person. Jogi married the actress, Rakshita in 2007 and is the mother of a son named Surya but who was a producer earlier.


Sarath Khadri

Sarath Khadri, a former corporate, following his passion, is all set to direct his film Sandalwood Sa Ri Ga Ma - 2013 (Kannada). Sarath, a native of Melkote, Mandya district, is the founder and HR of the Vintage Dreams HR Consultancy. Contrary to the stereotypes, he decided an off-beat career in the film industry. His debut directorial ‘Mareyalaare’ had to be shelved midway in August 2010, following conflict of interest with the movie hero 'Chetan Kumar', when the latter allegedly wanted to take over the script and change the heroine. Both the films were produced by his wife, Gauri Sarath. Mareyalaare movie is an entertainer with a pinch of romance, written and directed by Sarath Khadri. Na Nina Mareyalaare, the theme song of the film, is well-known for its lyrics. In one of the interviews, we heard him saying that his very first movie project ‘Mareyalaare’ had to be shelved after completing 20% of the schedule due to some internal issues”. This Sandalwood movie is based on a real story which happens in the celluloid world. It’s about a man who quits his job as a techie (corporate) to pursue his dream. The character sketch of the protagonist in the directorial revolves around the real life experiences of Sarath himself. After working in the Marketing field for a period, Sarath decided to quit to live his dream- filmmaking. Sheer determination and strong willpower propelled his confidence, and he is all set to land up an autobiographic Sandalwood Sa Ri Ga Ma. Having been bounced to altogether a different scenario, the turf hasn't been too much creamy for him. He has witnessed the harsh truth of the industry and the whimsical trends. Unlike others, who did commence their career on a traditional note, he took up the challenge and had vividly showcased the underbelly of the industry through the seamy side of Sandalwood. There's a saying: "Follow your passion. It will lead you to your dreams". It may be justified, since, within a very short span, Sarath has bought the critics praise for his filmography as well as for his acting in films. For sure, he is talented and brave too, having been excelled among his peers, building his top notch consultancy firm and climbing the steep slopes of success in the industry. The movies did reflect his commitment towards work, and he is sure to flourish in the years to come.

Sarath Khadri Kannada Actor