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AP Arjun is a multi-talented and highly skilled personality from the Kannada cinema. He is credited to have all the skills that are required to bring the much-needed improvement and revolution in the Kannada film industry. He was born in the year 1972 on 8th of August and is 42 years old. His birthplace is in a town in Karnataka named Mandya.

When describing his profession, words fall short because he is a very versatile and creative artist. He is known for directing films commendably, writing screenplays for various movies in a beautiful fashion and also writing some extremely soulful lyrics for various famous songs.

AP Arjun came into the Kannada film industry with high hopes and a bag full of talents. His entry was marked by the movie Thangigagi, which came out in the year 2006. He played a huge role in making the movie a good watch especially because of his soulful lyrics that he wrote for the movie. Thangigagi was the remake of a very famous Tamil film which was named Thirupaachi. This movie has stars like Darshan and Poonam Bajwa Poonam Bajwa is a well-known actress who was born >> Read More... performing in it. Since then he came to be known as a well-known and a beautiful lyricist. Arjun also had various songs to his credit after this. 

Arjun realised eventually that he has so much more potential which is latent in him, and it was time for him to unravel them. With a determined soul and a hardworking spirit, he debuted in the movie Ambari as the director of the film. This movie came out in the year 2009 and had stars like Yogesh as the male lead and Supreetha as the female lead. Ambari was praised by the audience as well by the critics, and it was on screen in theatres for more than 100 days in the state of Karnataka.This marked the beginning of Arjun’s wonderful journey as a director who was acclaimed not just by the audience but also by the critics. 

In line are many movies that Arjun is helming direction.He has already created a buzz in the industry making the movies much awaited ones.


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