James Richard Marshall English Actor
Other Skills

James Richard Marshall is a great English director who is famous for many of his films. He trained as an Actor at the legendary Drama Center London. The Drama Center London is responsible for training many actors like , Tom Hardy Starring in everything from Peaky Blinders to The >> Read More... Tom Hardy , Russel Brand, Simon Callow. He al so gets training from The Vakhtangov Institute in Russia, which is Moscow's best drama schools. James has recently completed filming on a Netflix movie in South Africa.

He directed many films throughout the world and gave him a big contribution to the Hollywood film industry. Here are given his many contributions in the past years. In 2020, Feature Film, Posner (US accent/FBI agent), LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME, Netflix, Olivier Megaton. In 2016, Feature Film, Johnnie Hampton-Rowe, NW BY ZADIE SMITH, Mammoth Screen for BBC, Saul Dibb. In 2016, Feature Film, Surveillance Agent, NOW YOU SEE ME 2, Lionsgate, Jon M. Chu. In 2016, Feature Film, James, FAN, Yash Raj Films, Maneesh Sharma.

In 2014, Feature Film, Heimdahl's Guard, CRIMINAL, Millennium Films, Ariel Vromen. In 2014, Feature Film, Sergeant Paul Stevens, ARRIVALS, Wilf Varvill. In 2012, Feature Film, Cop, CANDLE TO WATER, Nihat Seven. In 2010, Film, Rowan, MAPMAKER, Flame 47/Sarah Radclyffe/Nicolas Roeg, Stephen Johnson. In 2010, Feature Film, Bobby, CONTAINER, NPA/Trailermade/Pinewood, Chris Grey. In 2009, Feature Film, Impotent Man, ALBATROSS, Cinema NX/Adrian Sturges & Marc Samuelson, Niall MacCormick.

In 2009, Feature Film, William, ONE HAPPY MOMENT, BBC Films/Dan McCulloch, Tom Shkolnik. In 2009, Film, Jack, ALWAYS AT HOME, Ladybird Toolbox Productions, Rotem Koppelmann. In 2008, Feature Film, Nick Smith, WMD, Patchwork Productions/Christine Hartland, David Holroyd. These are his support in various Film Industries across the world.

His skills in Accent and Dialects include American-Standard, Australian, Bristol, Cockney, Cornwall, Devon, East European, Essex, German, Heightened RP, London, Manchester, Northern, Polish, RP, Russian, Scottish-Standard, Welsh-Southern, Wiltshire, Yorkshire. He also has various sports skills in Abseiling, Boxing, Cricket, Fencing, Horse-riding, Rugby, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming.