Calvin Ka-Sing Cheng English Actor
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    - Supporting Actor

Calvin Ka-Sing Cheng also known as Calvin Cheng Ka-Sing is an actor known for movies like Ip Man, Ip Man 2 and The Monkey King. Born on 25th May 1990 to Zheng Qiang Hui in Hong Kong his latest film is The Monkey King: The Legend Begins.

His father is a businessman and a film producer. He debuted in 2008 in the movie Ip Man. Released in 2008, Ip Man was a sports film which revolved around a war between China and Japan where Ip Man trains Japanese officers. Following this Ip Man released in 2010, also known as Ip Man 2: Legend of The Grandmaster, it is a sequel to the film Ip Man.

First shown in the cinemas on 29th April, Wilson Yip directed the film and the film focuses on martial arts and narrates the storyline of how the Ip Man faces rivalry from others including the Hunga martial arts master. After these two films of the Ip Man series, Calvin was seen in Floating City which released in 2012. Post this The Monkey King came on 30th January 2014.

Directed by Cheang Pou Soi, The Monkey King was an action fantasy film which narrates the story of hoe Goddess Nuwa's sacrifice to save the world leads to the birth of The Monkey King. He was also seen in the Monkey King: The Legend Begins which released on 30th November 2016.

It is the second film of The Monkey King series where the Monkey King accompanies a monk to protect him from a demon seeking immortality. Apart from acting in the famous Ip Man series and The Monkey King series Calvin is also a singer and songwriter.

Some famous songs by Carlson Cheng include star, missing you, I'll be there for you, pub of sharing a story, I love you before dawn, highway movie, a season without you and what a love song of I love you before dawn which released in 2013. He also sang ai Zai tian di dong Yao shi (2016) and baba which was shown firstly in 2017.