Brewier Welch English Actor
Other Skills

Brewier Welch was born on 21st January 1951, in Madison, Indiana, USA. Brewier was raised in Kentucky, which is situated in the hills of the little town of Carrollton. Brewier has a height of six feet approximately. He did his schooling from the High School in his hometown, where he used to score average marks.

She was very interested in extracurricular activities like playing basketball for the school team. He was also enlisted in the Marine Corps in the year 1969 while he was still a kid in school. As soon as he completed his graduation, he ran for the boot camp happening at Paris Island. After searching for various jobs when he failed in all, he thought of applying for a degree course in BS in Health Education from the Eastern Kentucky University. Brewier soon got married and the happy couple also had a son named Brett.

After his marriage, he uplifted his career in Health Care Administration and worked for more than 15 years in that particular field. He even joined the Army i.e., the Air Force Reserve and has also become a Captain in no time of the Medical Service Corp. Later, his unit was assigned to be activated for the Operation Desert Storm. After taking a break from the Health Care Administration, he decided to build his own Medical Billing Service which was executed successfully and also used for around 5 years.

As he returned him to the Health Care Administration, he started getting distraction from unknown sources. Then he planned to pave his way of life into something interesting and tries his luck on acting by joining into various acting classes. Then he realized acting to be his real passion. Due to acting, he is very happy and has finally found something which he enjoys the most in his life.