Dave Judge is a stunt director, coordinator and stunt performer. He has been working on the entertainment industry for almost 20 years. He did live stunting shows and TV shows too. He was a motocross competitor at a national championship level.

He is an athlete and participates in various sports like Climbing, SCUBA diving, Sword Fencing, County Athletics, and Rugby. He was invited in World stunt championship in 201 and 2002 which was held in Mexico.

He got many awards for his work and has made many records. He works for commercial ads, films and TV shows as an action director. He is involved in activities like freediving, paragliding and parachuting.

Tom Delmar English Actor

Tom Delmar

Tom Delmar was born on 1st August, in the year 1963 in Scotland, UK. His height is 6’(1.83m). He was born and brought up in Cairngorm Mountains. He is a very popular and amazing sportsperson. He excels in many activities like swimming, ice hockey, judo, fencing, skiing, and much more. He studied B.sc in computer science and mathematics at Glasgow University. During the time of his holidays, he used to learn many new skills and activities which later benefited him in his career. Tom shifted to London and joined London city lit over there. In London, he did the actors training course and after finishing his 46 weeks period, he worked with ITV and BBC. In London, he successfully qualified the British Stunt Register in the year 1984. Tom became a very popular and successful stunt man and he did many Hollywood films. He did the movie 007 James Bond, James Cameron’s Aliens, George Lucas’s Star Wars (II) and many more popular films and he has done a great job and the audience really like his performance a lot. In the year 1987, he started working on the profile of Stunt Co-coordinator. He is working with the top Hollywood films and actors. He has worked as the body double in many Hollywood films for many popular actors and they appreciated him a lot. He also started his Action Stunt Company, which he designed well. He kept a lot of amazing stunt equipment in his company like tracking vehicles, air bags, and camera rigs. His company is one of the most famous companies in the world today. He is very passionate about films and he is extremely good at expressing emotion and action. Therefore, he started directing films in the year 1998. Tom is one of the famous and leading directors in the world today. Tom was also the Stunt championship judge at the Moscow International Festival which took place for Cinematography and Stunt art. He won the Prometheus Statue at the Moscow International Stunt Festival for the Best stunt film 2003. He got an offer to become an Academician from the International Stunt Academy in the year 2005. He is an amazing stunt professional and the audience loves his performance. In the film Snatch, they needed a man who is slamming his head on the door of the car and Tom did that job without giving it a second thought. He is a great stunt man. He also gave lectures in The National Film School and at the London University as well. Tom taught Health & Safety to the kids, Stunt Coordination, and directing action as well.