Arnab Jan Deka is an Indian novelist, Jurist, Short story writer, Eco-Technocrat, Laureate, River Engineer, Author, Documentary Film Director, Poet, Columnist, Television Actor, Playwright, and Screenwriter. It's unbelievable to see a man doing so much work in his life, but Mr. Arnab knows how to make those impossible things possible in life. He was born on 16th of September 1967. Until now, he has wrote 131 books, fiction as well as non-fiction, edited 14 books in Hindi, Bengali, English, and Assamese. The Sahitya Academy has incorporated Arnab’s biography. He was one of the top Indian writers, who had featured in the Who's Who of Indian Writers of 1999. Arnab is the first Assamese writer of a poetry book (Indo-British). The title of the book was “A Stanza of Sunlight on the Banks of Brahmaputra”.

His first book was published in 1983, called “Ephanki Rhode”. He wrote several short stories that featured in “Goriyoshi” and “Prantik” and his books were published in various languages. Some of his remarkable stories are “Samudrik Akangkhat Ronga Nodi Neela Pahar”, “Prem Asambhav”, “Ejoni American Matri”, “Hridoybotir Sondhan”, “Mexico Shohorot Ejoni Premika”, “Naareebaadar Narak”, “Nixiddho Nogorit Mei Lang”, “Tumi Rituporna Tai Malala”, and “Mur Shohorot Dujon Spaniard”. He received praises for his stories like “Tinijoni Gawoliya Sowali”, “Himalayar Duporiya : Ankur-Tapaswi-Swarnakeshinee”. As a novelist, he wrote “Bhaba Ananda Sambad” and “Childhood Dreams” in 2010. He also became the first Assamese author to write an Indo-American memoir book.

He also worked as a Film director, screenwriter, and an actor. He was a part of many films like “Moi Eti Zazabor”, “Srimanta Sankardev”, “Assam Sahitya Sabha”, “Kolijar Amothu”, “Soisobote Dhemalite” and have acted in “Kolijar Amothu”, and “Soisobote Dhemalite”. He has won various awards in his life, and his work is highly appreciated by people all over the world. In 2003, he won the “All India Katha-Goriyoshi Award” at the “Katha International Short Story Festival”, New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi , for his work in “Himalayan Mystic Meeting”, a short story by him. In 2006, The Assam Government Publication Board awarded him the “Golden Jubilee Novel Award” for his work on the novel “Bhaba Ananda Sambad”. In 2010, he received the “Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Memorial Award” for his work in Lifetime Contribution to Literature, Art & Scientific Research by the “Academy of Bengali Poetry”, Calcutta.