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American actor Henry Franklin Winkler is well-known for portraying his character in American sitcom ‘Happy Days’ which was aired in 1970. The sitcom depicted the lifestyle of citizens in the United States in mid-50 to mid-60. It was one of the highest rated shows in 1970’s and Winkler is best known for his role of Arthur Fonzarelli. It is said the character he played was ranked as number 4 when compared to 50 greatest TV roles of all time list.

Virtually, the character of Arthur Fonzarelli was a secondary character, but soon became a lead character that surpassed other characters in popularity. He also starred in an American comedy TV series ‘Childrens Hospital’ which was directed by actor-comedian Rob Corddry and was aired as a Web series release on December 8, 2008, The show had ended its seventh season on April 15, 2016. But Henry Winkler joined the cast for season two.

Currently, he is starring in an American drama TV series ‘Royal Pains’ aired on USA Network since June 2009. In this drama series, Henry Winkler was seen as Eddie R. Lawson, who is a well-do father who left his children in their young days. Eddie was convicted and went to prison but was seen on parole living happily with his sons and daughters.

It is said Winkler wanted to become an actor since his childhood. First, he was involved in the theater but as he was fired in theater activities in Washington, Winkler migrated to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York City. To eke out a living, he appeared in TV commercials and had appeared in over 30 advertisements in a year. Everything changed after ‘Happy Days’ was aired. In the decade of 70’s he appeared in TV short movies like ' Heroes Click to look into! >> Read More... Heroes ' which was a 1977 American drama film and Winkler got the first lead role to play in the movie.

Similarly, he starred in 'The One and Only', a 1978 comedy drama film again in a lead role. In the year 1982, he appeared in ‘Night Shift’ where he played the role of night shift morgue employee. In the year 1977, he co-produced and was a narrator of a documentary film that depicted how an American couple adopts 14 children. The documentary was titled as "Who Are the DeBolts? And Where Did They Get Nineteen Kids?”. This documentary won Oscar award for best feature length documentary.

After ‘Happy Days’ ended, he had set up his own production house along with his friend John Rich. In the 1980s, Henry Winkler and Rich formed a production company called Henry Winkler/John Rich Productions and together they produced TV series ' MacGyver MacGyver is an American television serial that is >> Read More... MacGyver ' for Paramount Television. ‘Memories of Me’ was the first movie directed by Winkler, and it released in 1988. In the year 1993, he directed another cop comedy movie ‘Cop and a Half’.

In the year 1990, he returned back to acting and acted in TV series and got the supporting role in movies. He also became executive producer for a Disney Channel show “So Weird” that was aired on January 1999 to September 2001. He got married in 1978 with Stacey Winkler, The actor was born on October 30, 1945, in New York.