Skip Woods English Actor
  • DOB : 04-12-1970
  • Age : 50
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills

John Skipper Woods, known best by the abbreviated name Skip Woods, is a film director, screenwriter and producer based in Hollywood. The American National has been working in the movie business for eighteen years now and during this time has been involved in some notable films including the movie versions of the video game series Hitman.

The first film he worked on was Thursday, a multi-genre film that encased elements of the thriller as well as some black comedy in it. Woods worked on the film as screenwriter, director as well as a co-producer. The film was given mixed reviews by critics, but it did win the Special Jury Prize at the 1999 Cognac Film Festival.

His next efforts came in the 2001 action film Swordfish where he worked as a writer as well as co-producer. The film was a star-studded affair, starring the likes of John Travolta John Travolta is a true legendary figure as he was >> Read More... John Travolta , Halle Berry She was known for her short - hair styles, from a >> Read More... Halle Berry , and . Despite that, the film didn't do good numbers at the box office and was generally panned by critics. John Travolta's role ended up earning him a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor that year.

His next work was done in the 4th installment of the Die Hard series simply titled Die Hard 4, where he served as a screenwriter and also did some work on the movie dialogues. Die Hard 4 was well received by critics and also did very good business at the box office grossing nearly $384 million in worldwide collections.

Woods then worked on the movie Hitman, a film adapted from the video game series of the same name which revolves around a professional hitman. The movie did decent business and grossed more than four times its original budget, even if it was given the proverbial thumbs down from critics. A sequel to this film titled Hitman: Agent 47 was released in 2015.

He has also done screenwriting for other successful movies. He was a member of the group that brought X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the big screen. It did gangbuster business worldwide even though critics saw no saving grace in the movie except for Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine.

He was also the screenwriter for the film The A-Team, which had a star-studded cast that included Liam Neeson I don't know who you are. I don't know wha >> Read More... Liam Neeson , Bradley Cooper Born as Bradley Charles Cooper on 5th January 1975 >> Read More... Bradley Cooper , and Jessica Biel Jessica Biel is an American actress. She was born >> Read More... Jessica Biel . Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, mostly due to the storyline being fairly predictable, it did good numbers worldwide and upon release was generally considered a success by many.