Maro Chermayeff English Actress
Other Skills

She is one of the most versatile artists of the industry. She is an Author, Producer, Filmmaker, Director, and has also worked as a television executive. Maro Chermayeff received her education degree in the Philips Academy of Massachusetts. She is recognized for her work in Documentary Films and Production Company. She is the founder and Chairperson of The School of Visual Arts, and a partner in Show of force, a renowned production company. Show of Force was founded by Artist Maro Chermayeff and her partner, producer, Jeff Dupre in 2006. Show of force is always known for its stunning Media Projects, Documentaries, and Television series. They have also expanded and extended their wings toward producing Music series like Sound breaking, one of the greatest hits of the time. Also Maro’s Documentary Films and TV programs have unstoppable toured the world to attend festivals.

The current city of her production firm is New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , where she and her team continue to make a difference in the industry. She’s given credit for the following work like a path Breaker, Oma and Bella, Circus, Another Day in Paris, Half the Sky, Independent Lens, Carrier, etc. Her series, Half the Sky turned to work out amazingly for women, worldwide. It focused on women issue’s like domestic violence, health care and gave a light on girl education in middle-eastern countries. She also was recognized for her trans-media projects and approached by Pulitzer-prize winning writers who wanted to work with her. She produced HBO’s Award winning documentary, named Marina Abramovic: The Artist Click to look into! >> Read More... The Artist is present.

She was also the co-director and producer of Mann Ford’s HBO broadcast of 2011. Maro before she founded her venture was a network consultant and programming executive for 2 years. She also had co-authored a book, JUILLIARD which was published by HNA (Harry N Abrams) Inc. She holds another feature to her creative personality which is of being a kind philanthropist. Her visit in Kenya in the year 2012 was meant to help the communities there and bring some development in their overall condition. She considers herself of not being too objective about film making. She makes sure she hears the point of view of each and every character associated with the film and tries to bring the best to the table. Her work is a benchmark for the rest of the artists who are looking forward to leave their mark in the Media world. Her other works are: 6x Series Circus, Mann V Ford, Parasomnia, 10x Series Carrier, 6x series Frontier House, Role reversal, Trauma.