Jon Peters, aka John H. Peters, is an American film producer. He was born on 2nd of June, 1945, in Van Nuys in California. He is the son of Jack Peters and Helen. Jack owned a Hollywood diner and Helen worked in a reception. He had Italian descent. Peters' family bought a reputed salon in Beverly Hills. Peter has a son, who works now. His father died when Peter was just 10 years old. Later, his mother married someone else.

Coming to his career, he joined his family salon business in Hollywood on Rodeo Drive. He designed a small wig. It was used in 1974's comedy, For Pete's Sake, by Barbra Streisand Barbra Streisand is the short name for Barbara Joa >> Read More... Barbra Streisand . From there, Peters and Barbra started dating each other. In 1974, Jon made Barbra's album. It had credited on its sequel to 1976's A Star Is Born. For the next ten years, he worked under the companionship of Peter Guber and headed the Sony Pictures Entertainment for two years. After two years, Guber had thrown him out of the company. These two were the topics of the book titled Hit and Run. In 1990, he wrote the script for Superman Reborn, under Warner Bros production. Later, it was named as Superman Lives. In 1999, he made Wild West. After completing the story, Smith met him. Then, Peters told him to add a robot kick for ‘Brainiac’. Later, it was removed as the project became too lengthy. Again, he produced Superman Returns, in 2006. Bryan Singer Anyone, who has watched an X-Men movie would be fa >> Read More... Bryan Singer directed it. He worked as a co-executive producer in the picture, Man of Steel. Zack Snyder Zachary Edward Snyder is also known as Zack was bo >> Read More... Zack Snyder directed it.

Then, Peters was involved in a controversy after adapting to work on Sandman comics. However, it had the worst script. Jon fired all the people. He then looked for others. They finally hired Elliot, Roger Avary, and Rossio. Deadline Hollywood encountered a proposal for Jon's autobiography. In 2009, he withdrew himself from that leak. Jon and William Stadiem wrote it.

In 2011, he had to pay about 3.3 million dollars to the Los Angeles jury after he was involved in a sexual harassment case during the production of Superman Returns.

Some of his credits as a producer were A Star is Born, Who's That Girl, Nightmare at Bittercreek, The Main Event, ‘Gorillas’, ‘Clue’, Money Train, ‘Flashdance’, ‘Batman’, The Bonfire of the Vanities, This Boy's Life, With Honors, Vision Guest, The Color Purple, Head Office, ‘Youngblood’, Brotherhood of Justice, The Witches of Eastwick, ‘Innerspace’, and Tango & Cash, among others.