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Barbra Streisand is the short name for Barbara Joan Streisand. She is an American singer, actress, songwriter and filmmaker. She was born on 24th April in the year 1942. She is popularly known as the Queen of the Divas and the Mother of All Contemporary Pop Divas . She has received this recognition and earned this title of an icon as she has successfully worked in this industry for the span of over six decades. She is respected in multiple fields of entertainment . She has received two Academy Awards. She has also been awarded ten Grammy Awards including Lifetime Achievement Award. Furthermore, she has been a recipient of five Emmy Awards including a Daytime Emmy.

Other than these, she has received an American Film Institute Award , a Special Tony Award, four Peabody Awards, a Kennedy Centre Honors Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and nine of the Golden Globes. She is one of the very small groups of artists who has been awarded all the major awards. Barbra is one of the most celebrated artists amongst  the best-selling music performers in the history of music. She has sold more than 68.6 million albums in the USA and a gross total of about 145 million musical records worldwide. She is, till date the only female artist who has reached top ten and the only artist who is not in the rock n roll genre.

She has been documented by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female artist amongest the top artists . By the end of the decade of the 1960s, she had a successful music career and hence decided to try her luck in movies. She was seen in the critically acclaimed film Funny Girl for which she won her first Academy Award . Her other hit films are The Way We Are, A Star Is Born , The Owl and the Pussycat. She received her following Academy Award for the love theme “Evergreen”, which made her the first woman to win this accreditation in this category.

She became the first woman to produce, write, direct and star in a major film with Yenti in 1983. She is till today, the only woman to win the Golden Globe accreditation for Best Director. She has the record of holding the most top ten albums of any artist , female with 34 albums since 1963. She also holds the ultimate record for the most number one albums by a female artist with 11 albums. Furthermore , she is the sole artist to have a top number one album in each of the previous six decades . She has released fourteen multi-platinum albums, 31 platinum albums and 53 gold albums in the USA.


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