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Irwin Winkler was born on 25th May, 1931 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... City, United States. He is a director by profession and also produced many movies and TV series. His father is Sol Winkler and his mother is Anna Winkler. He received his primary education from a school in New York and later joined the New York University from where he graduated in 1955.After graduation; Irwin served in the United States Army before he joined the industry.

Irwin debut work, ' Point Blank Click to look into! >> Read More... ' which released in 1967 did not have an immense impact at the box office; its concept was way ahead of its time but now is regarded as an excellent one. The plot focuses on a robbery pulled over by Walker and his friend, Reese. They plan to hit the courier transport system and take away the money. Reese cheats Walker and also makes out with his wife, Lynne.

Walker recovers and learns that Reese is working for an organization and has used the money to clear his debts. He goes to Los Angeles to avenge his wife and friend but has no luck finding Reese. He visits his wife and burst out and later Lynne takes some pills and dies. He is informed about a man who knows Reese’s whereabouts. He terrorizes him who gives up his location.

Walker visits the place and finds out he is living with Christene, his sister-in-law. Walker finds out that Carter, Brewster and Fairfax are the part of the company who stole his money; Walker goes out for them and with a master plan kills each one of them, leaving behind the bag of money. With the story continuing, Walker evens makes out with Christene. With the success of the first flick, Irwin directed his next, 'The Strawberry Statement'.

Other works of Winkler includes 'Raging Bull', 'The Right Stuff', etc. in 1985, Revolution hit the theaters, and the story is about a father, Tom Dobb who is looking for his son. Ned (Dobb’s son) is in the army who is up against the British for the Revolutionary War. In his attempts, he became patriotic and stood there to fight for freedom. The picture grossed $346,761 and the audience loved it and the critics appreciated the work of Hugh Hudson. Irwin produced many films some of them are 'Breakout', ' The Gambler Click to look into! >> Read More... ', 'Valentino', 'Rocky series', 'The Shipping News', etc.

Winkler received many awards and nominations; he was very popular among the people. Irwin married Margo Winkler and has three sons with her.


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