Tom Edmunds is an English writer, producer, and director made his feature film debut with the release of black comedy Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back). The motion picture includes an elite player cast that incorporates Tom Wilkinson Tom Wilkinson, son of farmer Thomas Wilkinson and >> Read More... Tom Wilkinson and Christopher Eccleston Christopher Eccleston is an English actor born on >> Read More... Christopher Eccleston and handles some quite forbidden topic. Set on a professional killer character named William.

So, what does William do? He contracts a professional killer who is in the matter of executing individuals who need to bite the dust. Issue is, when he signs his very own passing warrant, he appears to have discovered motivation to live, which puts William inconsistent with the man he contracted to take him out. It's a dim topic and is one that could have appeared to be musically challenged and cold-hearted, and that is something Edmunds knew great going into it.