Birthday: 1968

Emma Thomas is a well known British film producer. She is famous for her co-production of the films like The Prestige in the year 2006, Inception in the year 2010, and the franchise of Batman film in for a span of seven years from 2005 to 2012. She often collaborates with Christopher Nolan, a director, and producer and her husband. She worked as a supervisor of the script along with the production work throughout the 1990s. She was born in London. She is also known to work with the director named Stephen Frears as his director on the American comedy-drama film named High Fidelity in the year 2000. She completed her graduation from the University College London. She her future husband there for the first time. She lives in Los Angeles along with her husband Nalon and four children as of 2013. She was the producer of the film named Doodiebug, a short psychological thriller in the year 1997, and Following, a British neo-noir crime drama film in the year 1998. She happened to be the associate producer of the flick named Memento in the year 2000.

She worked as a co-producer for the film named Insomnia in the year 2002. She produced the films named Batman Begins, and The Prestige in the years 2005, and 2006 respectively. In the year 2008, she was the executive producer of the film name Batman: Gotham Knight, a direct-to-DVD anthology film of six short anime superhero films and producer of the film named Dark Knight, which was a superhero film. In 2010, she was the producer of the movie named Inception. The Dark Knight Rises, a British-American superhero film of 2012, and Man of Steel, of 2013 are the two films for which she acted as the director. In the year 2014, she worked as an executive producer of the film named Transcendence, which was a science fiction film directed by the cinematographer named Wally Pfister. In the year 2014, she was the producer of Interstellar, an epic science fiction film directed by Christopher Nalon, her husband. She again worked as an executive producer for the film named Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the year 2016, which was an American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters of Batman and Superman.

Benjamin Melniker English Actor

Benjamin Melniker

Benjamin Melniker is a Producer known for his various works in Hollywood. He is American by birth and has lived his entire life in New York, USA. He is famously known for producing various blockbuster movies in Hollywood. He has produced many fiction movies including superheroes. He started his career by producing Mitchell movie in 1975. He was the executive producer of that movie, and the movies were a big hit. He continued as executive producer in the 70's with another movie called Shoot in 1976. He always wanted to contribute towards the films. His first movie as a producer was the classic Swamp Thing in 1982. The movie was based on fiction and was loved by all types of audiences. The movie was a super hit at the box office and is still one of the most thrilling movies of all times. He also tried his luck on a small screen with American Playhouse, where he produced one episode for the start. He then started his producing work in TV series and continued with Dinosaucers in 1987. Then he made a big break in Hollywood with Batman in 1989. The movie was an instant hit and is one of the milestones in Benjamin's career. He the produced a TV series named Swamp Things and also Fish Police in the early 90's, where he also produced the sequel to Batman, Batman Returns. Swamp Things, the TV serial, was a good experience for him as he produced 48 episodes of it. He then went to make many Batman movies as it was a very trending topic back then. Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Batman and Mr. Freeze and Batman Beyond were some his work during the changing millennium. He was the studio executive for MGM and therefore continued film adaptations for many DC comic characters. He is the good friend with Michael Uslan and has worked with him many times. He also made the epic Batman Trilogy, which has been a turning point in many actors career. He discovered Heath Ledger and his fans can never forget his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight. He later dedicated his career to making movies with DC comic characters and made several films like Lego movie, Catwoman and much more. He also produced the famous Constantine movie. He has contributed majorly towards films and videos of Batman and many different DC characters. His latest stint was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He has worked mainly along with Michael Uslan and has always formed a great partnership with him. He promises to continue making many more great movies and is expected to make many awesome movies in the future.


Wesley Coller

Wesley Coller, an American producer, has been the backbone for many successful movies in Hollywood. He always makes sure that money is never the issue so that his movies can be produced with ease. Most notably, he co-produced the 2016 released DC Comics blockbuster movie Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice. The Telecommunications & Film, BA degree holder, graduated in 1999. He also had a minor degree in Graphic Design. After completion of his graduation he got associated with the production crew of Zack and Deborah Snyder and became partners as a result. Together at the production house Cruel and Unusual Films, they created fascinating and trend setting movies which were meant for the commercial audiences. "300" which got released in 2006 was a blockbuster success both in theaters and critics columns. They made various remakes like Sucker Punch and Dawn of the Dead which received somewhat positive responses from the audiences. In the last couple of years, the Eastern Michigan graduate has co-produced many successful big scale movies like "Man of Steel", which was the newly created Superman film. The sequel of the superhero venture is currently in its production stage, and Coller himself is the executive-producer. The sequel of "300" which was released in 2014 named "300: Rise of an Empire" was also co-produced by the ex Pinckney resident, Wesley Coller. Along with the Snyder’s, he is currently expanding his genre to showcase the creative side of his film production expertise with movies like The Army of The Dead and The Last Paragraph. Zack Snyder, the director of most of the movies which Coller has co-produced, is all set for his next DC venture Justice League. The producer moved his work to Los Angeles with his better half, Celeste, immediately after the completion of his bachelor's degree. Both of them met at the EMU. They currently reside in Pasadena with their daughter named Elliott. Professionally, Coller has always been appreciated for his work by his industry analysts and colleagues. He has a progressive and modern approach towards the production process. His knowledge of telecommunications and film along with graphic design gives him an advantage of knowing the various minor details required to implement in a movie. According to insiders of the Hollywood industry, Coller's collaborative approach with his peers has made the production banner Cruel and Unusual Films develop many new and exciting movies.

Wesley Coller English Actor