Charles H Joffe, a name many high profile comedians such as Robin Williams Robin Williams is a legendary actor and comedian. >> Read More... Robin Williams , David Letterman, and Billy Crystal Billy Crystal was born in the Bronx of New York Ci >> Read More... Billy Crystal , amongst others have in common.

He was Born on July 16th, 1929, in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Esther and Sid Joffe. He studied Journalism at Syracuse University and started his career working as a booking agent for small local nightclubs.

After which he briefly worked as a junior agent at the Music Corporation of America talent agency before joining Jack Rollins Jack Rollins born on March 23rd, 1915, was a produ >> Read More... Jack Rollins in 1953, as they both left the MCA.

They started their talent agency called Rollins Joffe. As a matter of fact their agency booked Lenny Bruce’s very first act in N.Y. He married Carol Joffe, a set decorator and the couple had three children, son Cory Joffe (adopted) and two stepdaughters, Suzanne Holofcener and Nicole Holofcener.

Joffe and Jack Rollins also nurtured the careers of many young and upcoming comedians through their agency. They both remained partners through the late 80s, after which they both decided to look after a single client.

Rollins took to being an executive producer for David Letterman, and on the other hand,Joffeworked on Woody Allen’s films mainly as his producer.

He orchestrated Allen’s first movie deal to write and play a character in the big hit “What’s New Pussycat?” With Joffe’s assistance, Allen gained full-fledged artistic independence over his movies. In 1977 Joffe won the Academy Award in the best picture category as the producer for Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

He died on the 9th of July 2008 in Los Angeles, at the Cedars-SinaiMedical Center, just about a week prior to his 79th birthday.