Born long ago in 1894, Zasu Pitts was an American actress who bought out her talent by starring many dramas and comedies of the mute nature. She was all a witness to the transition to the non-silent shows. Her best performance is in the movie Greed, which was an epic. She was born in Kansas, and her father was in the 76th New York Infantry Army. Her sisters had the names Elisa and Susan due to which her name was formed as ZaSu. Local and Community Theater was her first platform to showcase her talent for acting. Frances Marion was the person who first discovered her as an actress. The film, Greed had her in the lead role. After this film, she was termed as the most dramatic actress of the cinema. The movie Better Times indeed bought her good times to deal with. Her popularity was talked upon. Her persona was frequently imitated in different cartoons and shows. All Quiet on the western front’s director replaced her with some other actress. This was a big disappointment for her. She also lent her voice on the radio. She played Mrs. Mamie Wayne in a soap opera Big Sister. This became popular among people. In 1944, she made her path through Ramshackle Inn. It was an intense kind of play which was different from her other kind of films. She married Thomas Sarsfield Gallery.

He was an actor, a boxing promoter and an executive on the television. Ann and Donald were their two kids. She was a Republican and became active in the party in 1958. The actress was shortly diagnosed with cancer. She was resolute enough and continued to display her excellent work on the television. The thrill of it all she did when she was undergoing treatment for her deadly ailment. On June 7, 1963, she oassed awat. She also wrote a book on candy recipes which was published after her death in 1963. Most remarkable of her achievements were the films she made with the legendary King Vidor. Subsequently, Vidor and his wife, Florence stood as witnesses to the marriage of Zasu and Tom. Zasu was an eccentric comedian with a lot of humour stored in her bag. In the film Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, W.C. Fields asks his niece, played by Gloria Jean, "Don't you want to go to school? You wanna be dumb like ZaSu Pitts?"

Nicole Forester English Actress

Nicole Forester

Nicole Forester is an American actress who was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the USA. Her birth name was Nicole Theresa Schmidt. The actor was passionate about dance and acting since childhood. She started taking her dance lessons when she was five. At the age of twelve, she worked at the local level in musical theater. Nicole is specialized in ‘drama’ at Churchill High school, Livonia, Michigan and also specialized in ‘Musical Theatre Performance’ at Western Michigan University. After taking education on drama and musical performance, Nicole moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 for further career. At the age of 21, she completed her graduation from the Academy of Dramatic Arts (Pasadena CA) in 1993.  As she had a degree in Dramatic Arts, to begin with her career in the Film Industry, Nicole took the name ‘Forester’ from her grandmother as a professional name. Nicole gave drama lessons at CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) magnet high school, Livonia, Michigan.  Nicole Forester has worked in several television series such as Two and a Half Men, Will and Grace, The Single Guy, Mister Sterling, Monk. She has also featured in two episodes of Star Trek and played the role of “Dabo girl” and “Nora”.  Not just television shows, but this beautiful actress has also featured in few commercials which include Saturday Night Live (ABC). After having starred in few T.V series, Nicole moved to New York city in 2005. She signed a contract with CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” in which she is playing a role of “Cassie Layne Winslow”. This character is a ‘dancer’.  Nicole has worked in the films such as “Vampire Anonymous”, “Simpatico”, “The Omega Code”. The actress was nominated for “Daytime Emmy Award” (2008) for her role in “Guiding Light”. Further, in 2010, Nicole worked with David Schwimmer’s film ‘Trust’ which also featured Clive Owen and Catherine Keener. Then she starred in “The Double” (2012) with  Richard Gere, which was directed by Michael Brandt. She also featured in “Jack Reacher” with Tom cruise. Further in 2012, she was again seen in the second season of “Boss” which is the Golden Globe nominated series on Starz.  Nicole entered into marital bliss with Paul Brown, and she has two children with him named, Frances Eleanor Brown and Paul Walker Brown 3. She is involved in charity organization in NYC. She also performs as a singer and is fluent in German. Knitting is Forester’s hobby.  


Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace, the super attractive personality with an adorable smile is mainly known for her role of ‘Mary’ in “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial“ (1982). Dee’s birth name is Deanna Bowers. She was born on 4th Dec 1948, to Robert Stanley and Maxine Bowers, in Kansas City (K.C), the second largest metropolitan of Missouri. (Dee’s father was alcoholic and committed suicide.) Wallace acquired her high school education from Wyandotte High School. She graduated from the University of Kansas. The blonde actress then made a short contribution in giving acting lessons to the pupils of Washington High School in the early 1970s. Further, she studied lessons of drama at the studio of HB, in New York City. Dee Wallace started her career in 1974, but she acquired fame in the film industry in 1986. “Together We Stand” is Dee’s hit series in which she has played a role of Lori Randall, who is married to David (role played by Elliott Gould). The second series in which Dee acted was “The New Lassie” (1989).  Dee starred first time on Television in 1974 in the series called “Lucas Tanner” in which she played the role of a waitress. After ‘Lucas Tanner’, Dee was seen in many other television shows including “Police Woman”(1970), “Police Story” (1978), “Together We Stand” (1986), “Hotel” (1984), etc. She also starred in “FBI: The Untold Stories” and “Witness to the Execution” in 1992 which helped her to build her journey in the film industry. After having played successful roles in around 33-35 T.V series, Dee also starred in famous shows such as “The Perfect Husband”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Criminal Minds”, “Warehouse 13”,  and “Supernatural”. Wallace’s most known movies are “The Howling”, “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”, “Cujo”, “Secret Admirer”, “The House of the Devil”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Love and Mercy”. Dee was married to Barry Wallace. After getting divorced with him, she met her first husband, Christopher Stone, during the work of “The New Lassie”. The two again starred in “The Howling” (1981). Dee and Christopher got married in the year of 1980. She has a daughter named Gabrielle Stone. After fifteen years of marriage, Christopher died due to a heart attack.  Dee is not just a fine actress, but she is also a bold public speaker who encourages people to find their “self” and get through tough times. After the sudden death of Christopher, Dee drastically turned herself into the channeled healing work called “Heal Ourselves.” Main motive and message behind this work is to tell the world to its fullest. Dee Wallace has a  spiritual perspective which puts her on the whole different side of the world through which her other, most important and peaceful side of personality is seen. Having the background of spirituality, Dee has written five books which are, Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now!.  Dee has her own website called as ‘’ (link: ) through which she represents her own views, connects with her fans, and maintains various blogs.  Having featured in more than 60 T.V series and films, Dee Wallace is a very attractive personality who has been busy in contributing to the film industry since 1974 till present. She manages a Hollywood Acting Studio since 2002 and a  frequently visited website.  

Dee Wallace English Actress