Sarah Laine English Actress

Sarah Laine was born on 23rd October 1982 in the city of Santa Barbara Santa Barbara is a television serial which was fir >> Read More... Santa Barbara in California, USA. She is currently a resident in Los Angeles. She is an actress from America who was named SerahD’Laine at birth and later changed her name to Sarah Laine. The actress is 5 feet 6 inches tall. As a kid, she has been to various places throughout Europe and North America.

Due to the regular transfer of her parent’s jobs, she traveled to Sweden, Laguna, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Michigan, and France. She did her middle schooling in Michigan and also did modeling & acting for building her skills. Sarah’s debut on TV was in a show named Passions in 1999. This show was broadcasted on the NBC network, which started in July and ended in September. This show was later broadcasted on the television network,

The 101 Network in September, and ended in August 2008. In this show, she played the character, Mindy. Her second show Roswell was a sci-fi show, which was aired on 1999. She just appeared in the first episode of the show and played the role of Elana. In the first few years of her career, she was mostly seen in the show Undressed in 2001. She played the role of Gretchen. Her other shows include Spin City, General Hospital, Port Charles, Jake in Progress, Wicked Wicked Games, and the Cold Case. Out of all her TV performances, Sarah is best known for her role as Sarah Webber in the show General Hospital in 2002. Sarah’s big screen debut was in the movie Mermaids in the year 2003.

In this movie, she played the role of June, who was the little sister of the mermaids and was well-versed with the lives of the humans as she lived with them for three years. In the film, June, and her other mermaid sisters together try to search for Mallick, the lost merman. She has also been a part of few other films including American Pie 2, The Rain Makers, Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough, A.K.A., Parasomnia, The Rig, Here and Now, and few more.

Laine is also credited for undertaking the wardrobe department of the movie, The Terror Experiment, in 2010. Other than this, she is also the associate producer of the movie, The Rain Makers. D’Laineis has also worked in theater. She has acted in the Blank Theatre Company’s various productions-The Table as Sofia, The Confession as Jenifer, The Last Ride of Jeremy Strohmeyer as Shannon, and Les Chausseurs Rouges as Kate.