Rita Wilson took birth on 26th October of 1956. Professionally, she is a singer, producer, and actress in U.S.A. Some of the movies done by her includes- Sleepless in Seattle in 1993, then 1995 release Now and Then, Jingle All the Way in 1996, The Story of Us during 1996 and 1999 release Runaway Bride. She has also worked into T.V., and some of her T.V. production includes “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in 2002. While coming to her early life, she took birth at Los Angeles. Her mother was born near Greece border. Her father took birth into Greece. On 4th May of 1949, her father migrated to U.S.A.

During his marriage, his father converted his religion to Orthodox from Islam. So, Rita was brought up in Greek Orthodox. Starting with her career, she gave it a start with her guest role in “The Brady Bunch.” In this, she played the role of a candidate who was standing against “Marcia”, for the head post of a cheerleader. She has come for two times into “M.A.S.H” during 1982. Here she played the role of a nurse named “Lacey”. Her some of other sitcoms includes- Three’s Company, Bosom Buddies, and Frasier.

Her other movies are- Volunteers, which is a comedy movie, Teen Witch, a 1989 American comedy film, “Barbarians at the Gate”, a film upon books, “The Bonfire of the Vanities”, a direction by “Brian de Palma”, “Mixed Nuts”, a Christmas comedy movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”, production of Gary Foster, “Now and Then”, a production by “ Demi Moore”, “That Thing You Do”, a direction of “ Tom Hanks”, “Jingle All the Way”, a family movie of Christmas comedy, “Runaway Bride”, a romantic and comedy movie, Invisible Child, an American drama of 1999, “The Story of Us”, a direction by “Rob Reiner”, “Raise Your Voice”, musical drama film of America, “Its Complicated”, 2009 release American comedy and “ Larry Crowne”, a 2011 American comedy.

Her guest appearances into TV Series includes- Frasier, which is an American sitcom, Curb Your Enthusiasm, a American comedy T.V. series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, a creation of “Dick Wolf”, “The Good Wife”, a legal-political drama of U.S.A and “Body of Proof”, a medical drama of America. She also gave a performance on “Broadway”. In this, she worked for the month of June until August and was in the role of “Roxie Hart”. While coming to her personal life, she married with actor ‘Tom Hanks’, during 1988.

This couple has two children- Truman and Chester. She also has one more son and daughter from the older wife of Tom- Elizabeth and Colin. She also gave a donation to “Moffitt Cancer Centre” of 14k gold as well as jewelry of silver. She got this inspiration from “Rosie O’ Donnell.” She also became the member of the church “Greek Orthodox.” During 2015 of April, she got a diagnosis of breast cancer. With this, she got under reconstructive surgery with double mastectomy. After the duration of one month, she gave a return back to her profession with the show “Fish in the Dark”.

Denise Dowse English Actress

Denise Dowse

Denise Dowse (Denise Y Dowse) is an American actress. She was born in Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii State of United States of America. Her father was a Naval Officer of US. She happened to be a cast as the narrator of the play ‘Hansel and Gretel’. She was in California during that time. She auditioned for a Saturday program and was selected. She played the role of dog catcher in the first production ‘A Dog called Bum’. Dowse has performed both in movies and in Television. She has also directed some films. She started her career from ALF television show in 1989. It was an American fantasy/science fiction sitcom. Denise played the character of 4th FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Agent. In 1988-89, she starred in Almost There! show as Angela Quartermane. In 1990, Dowse played the character named Channing in Coldfire. The next year, she bagged three shows. She worked as Nurse in Merchant of Evil, as Maggie Day in Jake and the Fatman and as Dr. Worthy in Roc. In the TV show Bodies of Evidence, she played the role of Kim’s Mother in 1992. In the same year, she performed the role of Bank Teller in Sneakers and as a woman in the neighborhood in Out for Blood. In Full House (1993), she was seen as Mrs. Jacobs and as Ms. McBride in California Dreams. In 1994, she worked as Dr. Jarvis in The Enemy Within, in Murphy Brown, and in Seinfeld as a mother once and once as the receptionist. She played the role of the drug dealer in Wild Palms- a mini series of Oliver Stone. The other roles were as follows: as Mrs. Yvonne Teasely, Professor Harriet Strathmore in Beverly Hills, 90210; See Jane Run – a Television movie (based on the Joy Fielding’s novel) ; Olivia Biggs in Bio-Dome; she did seven episode as Sylvia Watkins in Built To Last television show; in Secrets and Lies, she was seen in ten episodes as Elaine Williams; as Yvonne Bums in Criminal Minds for six episodes; as Juanita Hendricks in Dragnet; as Dr. Shapiro (Counselor) in All of Us; As judge in Rizzoli & Isles; Ms. Ellis in Reed Between the Lines and many others. She was seen in films like Eulogy, Book of love, Coldfire, Reign Over Me, Fly Away, The Enemy Within, Starship Troopers, Coach Carter and some others. Denise Dowse also played the character of Malik’s mother in Helicopter (1993). She has also directed a short film ‘Reflections: A Story of Redemption’ (written by Tony Bracy) in 2004. She also got featured as a star guest in Kimmie’s Kitchen. Denise also starred in the movie K-911 directed by Charles T. Kanganis in the role of Dr. Perkins. She, as a director has staged films like Long Time Since Yesterday, The Chest, West Side Story, If I Knew Then, When Willows Weep in the Foxholes, What About Us, The Chocolate Factory, Love and other Social Issues, The Wiz, It’s a Wonderful Life...Ain’t It? and Little Shop of Horrors. She also lent her voice in Theodore Rex in 1995. She was also the guest star in The Gregory Hines Show. For The Chest, she received two Awards for Best Director.


Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos took birth on 24th September of 1962. Professionally she is an actress, director, and screenwriter. She also produced Greek descent. Her 2002 movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, got academy award nomination in which she was an actor, and her work into this was very notable. She took birth at Manitoba on 24th September of 1962. His parents were- Doreen, who is professionally a homemaker and bookkeeper, whereas “Gus Vardalos”, was a land developer. In “Winnipeg”, he became the student of “St. George School” and high school “Shaftesbury”. The university attended by him was “Ryerson University” in Toronto. On 5th September of 1993, he changed his religion to the orthodoxy of Greek before marrying “Ian Gomez”, an actress in U.S.A. Then during 2008, they moved ahead to adopt “LLaria”. Then at “Huffington Post”, she posted advice column for the process of adoption. In 1999, she got U.S. citizenship. Starting with her career, she is an alumna of Vardalos, which is a comedy repertory company in Chicago. She did many small roles into T.V. shows like “Two Guys and a Girl”, “The Drew Carey Show”. He even did voicing for “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”. It was written by “Brian Daley”for the radio “National Public.” Her movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, gave her a lot of fame and in this, she played the role of a woman who struggled much to find love. This film gave her big success. She even got a nomination for an Academy award for best writing, golden globe nomination for best actress for motion picture and a nomination for “Screen Actors Guild Award”. The Sleeper hit, which was the highest revenue giving movie made CBS spin-off series- My Big Fat Greek Life, unsuccessful. After completing the seven episodes, this show was canceled. Her next release was of 2004, “Connie and Carla”, which is a musical for two women, who pretended to be a drag queen. In 2009, she did her debut for direction with “I Hate Valentine’s Day”. This movie was based upon a florist who was looking for the romance in her life. This movie got the gross value $1,985,260 in the international level box office. After this, he did “My Life in Ruins”, which was about the tour guide, which was misguided and he travelled around Greece. “Richard Dreyfuss” was the winner of Academy Award into this. This movie was the production of America first and after getting permission from “Acropolis”, it received approval from the government of Greek. In the sales of DVD and at the international level box office, this movie turned out to be a moderate level success. In 2011, he wrote the comedy movie “Larry Crowne,” Tom Hanks being co-writer for same. Reviews of this movie were in between, and its earning was $59.8 million. In 2012, he starred into “Talk Of The Town” and in 2013 starred at “A Wilderness of Monkeys”.

Nia Vardalos English Actress