Marilyn is commonly known to us as the actress who usually played the role of the blonde who was dumb and yet became the sex symbols of the era of the 1950s. She achieved the milestone for bringing orgasm in the movies which is said to be a very big move for that era in. Her actual name was Norma Jean Mortenson and she was born on June 1, 1926. She was a famous American actress as well as a renowned model. She is known as the one who was the represented the attitude of people towards sexuality.

She falls in the category of one of the highest paid actresses of the Hollywood and her film's box office collection crossed the figure of 200 million dollars by the time of her unforeseen death on August 5, 1962, but yet she is considered to be a popular sex icon of that era. Los Angeles County Hospital in Los Angeles is the hospital where she was born. The identity of Marilyn's father is still unknown. Marilyn spent her childhood in orphanages and foster homes. She was married when she was sixteen and her modelling career began while she was working in a factory in 1944.

Monore met a photographer David Coroner there and this led to her exposure to the acting world as she signed two film contracts with Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia Pictures that were two big film banners of that era. It is believed that talent can never remain hidden from the world and thus after that period when she appeared in minor roles, she signed a fresh contract with Twentieth Century Fox in 1951. By this time she had gained enough popularity and worked in two epic comic films named Monkey Business and As Young As You Feel. She faced a controversy when it was uncovered that she did a nude photo shoot but this controversy increased her popularity and her passion about films. She also did two dramas Clash by Night and Don’t Bother to Knock during the same period. With great acting and business skills she was one of the richest Hollywood celebrities during 1953 as she was acting in Noir Nigara which showed her sexy side of her, and two more comedy films named Gentlemen Prefer Blondes directed by Howard Hawks and How to Marry a Millionaire directed by Jean Negulesco with lead roles in all the movies.

However these movies gave her a title of "Dumb Blonde" and she tried hard to change her public image for the whole of her life as she was not happy by being underpaid and due to her being offered the same type of roles. She paid the price of her as she was suspended in 1954 just for rejecting a movie but soon she returned with a bang and did one of the hit flicks of all times The Seven Year Itch in 1955. While she was struggling to get her contract changed, she didn't lose her hope and founded her own production company with the name of Marilyn Monore Productions (MMP), which was a big step being woman.

In order to compete with others and boost up her acting skills, she started with method acting classes at Actors Studio. Watching this young lady working harder, Twentieth Century Fox gave Monore a new contract which gave her what she wanted a higher pay and of course more control. All her hard work was in front of everyone when she gave a marvelous performance in Bus Stop which released in 1956. MMP also released its first production The Prince and The Showgirl in 1957 with Marilyn in lead. In 1959, she won Golden Globe for her movie Some Like it Hot for best actor female.

As of records, her last film was The Misfits which released in 1961. Unlike her nude photo shoot case, her complicated and rough private life generated much more controversy. She was a drug addict which led to depression and anxiety. Her love life was no less than a tragedy as her two marriages, one with baseball player Joe DiMaggio and the second one with a play writer Arthur Miller ended up with divorce. Her death as reported by local police was due to an overdose of barbiturates and she was found nude in her bed. Marilyn Monroe's increased popularity is attached to her personal life controversies. She was a famous Hollywood star, a sex symbol and beauty icon. She will always stay in our hearts for her troubled childhood, controversial acting contracts, dismal personal life, and debatable death theories.

Zoe Bell English Actress

Zoe Bell

Zoe Bell was born in 1978 to a nurse named Tish and a doctor named Andrew Bell and also has a younger brother. She was born in New Zealand. She grew up in Auckland. She also has a foster brother called Leonhard. She studied at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School and then attended Selwyn College. She is the prime example that anything is possible if you have the right determination and interest for it. She was a tall teenager and always had an urge to throw her legs around. She started showing interest in gymnastics when she was in school. She began exploring about martial arts and its forms. She mainly looked into Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Aikido, etc. The first academy that she went to try was a 45 minutes drive away from home. It focused on Tae Kwon Do. When she first went there to have a look, she got reeled in and got in right then and there, even though other schools were closer to her home. She couldn’t contain her excitement, and that’s what started the wonderful journey of this female stuntwoman. Her career began in the year 1992 when she got asked to contact a New Zealand soap opera because of a stuntman her father treated. She got hired for her first stunt for that opera. Her stunt was to jump out of a moving car in Shortland Street. She then got hired for doing stunts in the famous TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, which ran from 1995-1999. She also did several other stunt jobs in TV during this period. She received the main focus when she took up the stunt job in the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess for the actress Lucy Lawless. In fact, by the fourth season, she was taken up as her stunt double. During the shooting of stunts for this show, she suffered various injuries to her spine, but she continued working until another stunt left her incapacitated. Later, she also became a stunt double for Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill Vol. 1. When Quentin Tarantino and the stunt team saw what she was capable of, she got hired for Kill Bill Vol. 2. She injured herself a lot through the making of the movie but her relentlessness is commendable. In 2004, she was featured as her herself alongside former stuntwoman Jeannie Epper in the documentary film Double Dare. The film focussed on the lives of stuntwomen, their struggles, her relation with the veteran stuntwoman, etc. It shows how difficult it is for stuntwomen to be in demand in a career which is mainly male dominated. She has won the World Stunt Awards several times for her Kill Bill and Grindhouse. In 2009, she also won the Maverick Movie Award for Best Stunts. Because of Quentin, she got her big break as an actress in his movie Death Proof in 2007. She performed her stunts in the movie and played herself in the role. After that, she also worked with notable actor Gerard Butler, with whom she also had a short affair during the making of the movie. The film, called Gamer, had an American soldier who helps a young girl who is in trouble. She was also a part of Drew Barrymore’s first movie, Whip It, in 2009. The versatility of her roles expanded as she took part in the TV series Lost in its fourth season and also in Angel of Death alongside Lucy Lawless. She is an inspiration to those who want to do a little different in a world which only believes in conforming.


Brie Larson

Brie Larson is an American singer and actress born in Sacramento city of California. Her parents are Heather and Sylvain Desaulniers. When she was a child, her parents got divorced and she along with her sister and mother moved to Los Angeles. Larson took her surname from her great-grandmother's maiden name. She went to the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco to study acting. She made the debut of her career in acting with 2001 television series Raising Dad, which aired on the WB channel. She also got nominated for the Young Artist Award for her performance in this series. In her teenage years, she struggled to become a singer. Her first album got released in the year 2005 that achieved moderate success and was titled Finally out of P.E. In 2004; she got to perform small roles in the movies Sleepover and 13 going on 30. She earned the praise of the audience for the comedy movie Hoot released in 2006. She was cast as supporting roles in the films Scott Pilgrim vs. The World released in 2010; Greenberg released in 2010, and 21 Jump Street released in 2012. She also got featured in the 2009-10 television series United States of Tara in which she played the role of a rebellion teenager. She became famous after the 2013 American drama film, Short Term 12. After that, she achieved another success with the Emma Donoghue's film based on a novel titled Room that released in 2015. She portrayed the role of a mother in the movie and received several awards, including BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award and Academy Award. She has also directed and written films like “Weighting” that released in 2011 and “The Arm” that released in 2012. She was also seen at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in the stage play of Our Town. She has performed in live concerts in the United States as she also pursues a career as a musician, songwriter, and singer. Her second music album was produced, but it never got released. Larson was once spotted telling that she will release an extended play but it too never came out. She last appeared in the year 2010 as a singer in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World along with the band Metric where she performed the song “Black Sheep”. Talking about her personal, Larson is in a relationship since 2013 with an American actor and musician, Alex Greenwald. She had also worked with Universal Records in the year 2013 when she signed a deal for a record. She once hit number 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 Single Sales according to Sound Scan.

Brie Larson English Actress