Top 10 Mysterious Deaths Of Hollywood Actors

Top 10 Mysterious Deaths Of Hollywood Actors English Article

We all think that becoming a celebrity is so easy and stars lead a happy tension-free life. But we are all wrong. Becoming a celebrity comes with a price. Our society is always interested in stars' personal life. They constantly watch their every move. Celebrities must take every step carefully because millions of people are watching them. The life of a star is the hardest. They must deal with every situation with a smiling face. They are not supposed to express their emotion in public. Here are some mysterious deaths of Hollywood actors.

1. Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood is a very well-known American actor. She entered the film industry as a child actor. She is known for her acting in Rebel Without a Cause, Westside Story, and Splendor in the grass. She was found dead in 1981 her body was found floating in the Pacific Ocean. Most people believe that her drowning was not an accident. The authorities collected her body following day. The autopsy showed that she had several bruises on her arm. She was in a nightgown, down jacket, and Socks when her body was found. The case was closed as an accident. Later the case reopened in the year 2011 with new witnesses. But in the end, her death remained a mystery.


2. Thelma Todd

Thelma Todd was an American actor and businessperson. She is known for acting in Marx Brothers' Monkey Business and Horse Feathers. Thelma Todd was found dead in 1935. Her death raises a debate about whether it was a suicide or murder. She was in her car when she died. She said that she found blood around her nose. The reason behind her death was Carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. David Carradine David Carradine, an American performing artist and >> Read More... David Carradine

David Carradine is an American actor. He is famous for his roles in Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Eldorado, and Stretch. He was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room in 2009. His body was found in the closet with a cord wrapped around his neck and genitals. So, the police suspected that it was an accident but not suicide. According to the forensic team, the cause of his death is asphyxiation.


4. George Reeves George Reeves was born 5th January 1914, in the Wo >> Read More... George Reeves

George Reeves is a famous American actor. He is popular for his role as Superman. He was found dead in 1959. He was at home with his fiancé on the night of his death. According to the police, his fiancé made a strange comment when Reeves went to bed, she said he was going to shoot himself. When the police reached the scene, they found Reeve's body with a bullet hole on his head. The police claimed that it was a suicide, but his mother did not believe them. She hired a private detective who later refused to work on the case. The mystery of his death remains because we do not know the actual cause of his death.


5. Nicole Brown Simpson

Nicole was the ex-wife of an American football player O. J. Simpson. Nicole was found dead in 1994. Her body was found outside her home along with Ron Goldman. According to the autopsy, Nicole was stabbed seven times. She was in a state of decapitation. Detectives found a glove with blood on it near the scene, and the second pair was found in her ex-husband's house. It is believed that she, and her boyfriend were murdered by his ex-husband and some do not believe that.


6. Marilyn Monroe Marilyn is commonly known to us as the actress who >> Read More... Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was an American actor. She is known for Some Like it Hot, the seven-year Itch and How to Marry a millionaire. Marilyn Monroe died in the year 1962. It is said that she died because of an overdose on a pill. So, they declared it suicide. The autopsy showed her blood contained superior levels of Chloral Hydrate. Her friends did not believe in the cause of death. Pills were never found in her body, and there were mysterious bruises on her body.


7. Bob Crane

Bob Crane is an American actor. He is known for Super dad and Hogan's Heroes. He was found dead in the year 1978. He was brutally murdered. His head was banged, and there was a lot of blood, and an electrical cord was tied around his neck. Even the police were unable to recognize him. No murder weapon was found in the crime place. The evidence was not properly collected by the police because it was a small town. The killer is not yet seen, and the mystery continues.


8. Brittany Murphy Brittany Murphy was not only an American singer bu >> Read More... Brittany Murphy

She was a famous American actor. She was known for her role in Clueless, Abandoned and King of the hill. She died in the year 2009. She was found dead at her home. The police claimed that she died of Pneumonia, and drug intoxication. 5months later, her husband was found dead of the exact causes.


9. Heath Hedger

is an Australian actor known for his role as Joker in The Dark Knight. He passed away in 2008. He was found dead in his apartment. The cause of his death was confirmed as drug overdose. There was a rumor that he grew maniac because of his role joker. Nothing suspicious was found near the body.

10. Barbara Colby

Barbara was an American actor. She is known for her role as Sherry, the prostitute. She died in the year 1975. Barbara and an acting student, James walked out of their acting class and were suddenly approached by two men who shot them. Barbara died on the spot. On the same night, five others were murdered. so, the police believed everything was connected. The police were not able to find the criminals.