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Majandra Delfino was born as Maria Alejandra Delfino in Caracas, Venezuela. She spent her childhood years living in both Caracas and Miami, Florida. Her sibling Marieh Delfino is also an actress. Both of them moved to Los Angeles when they were teenagers to start their acting careers. Delfino’s first marriage was that with her co-star from ‘Roswell’, Devon Gummersall. However, the marriage ended in a year. Later, in 2011, she got married again to David Walton Bio coming soon... >> Read More... David Walton in Miami. She has two children out of her second marriage; Cecilia Delphine Walton and Louis Augustus Walton.

She gained moderate success after she landed the role of Tony Danza’s daughter, Tina Dimeo in The Tony Danza Show. Before this, MGM cast her in Zues & Roxanne. However, this part went unrecognized. She also starred in an indie series called The Secret Life of Girls where she played the role of Natalie Sanford. Then she was cast in the role for which she is most famous. It is that of Maria DeLuca on the show ‘Roswell’. She launched her singing career with the same show when she sang in many episodes of Roswell.

She also had a minor role in ‘ Traffic Click to look into! >> Read More... Traffic ’. More of her acting credits include roles in shows such as ‘Reeseville’, The Tony Danza Show, ‘R.S.V.P.’ and Celeste in the City. One of her more notable works in the film industry was playing the part Trudi, in the movie, State’s Evidence. In 2007, Delfino acted in some episodes of ‘Quarterlife’, and in State of Georgia alongside Raven-Symoné, but both the shows were short-lived. A spin-off series of The Office was supposed to be created. However, the attempt did not result into fruition, and the series never saw the light of day.

During her first pregnancy, Delfino starred in the pilot of the show The Family Trap which also starred Mandy Moore Amanda Leigh Moore was born on 10th of April in Ne >> Read More... Mandy Moore and Stockard Channing. Her last starring role was in the show Friends With Better Lives where the writer incorporated her second pregnancy into the story arc. After having started her singing career with Roswell, she went further and recorded more songs. She later released the EP, The Sicks. She has her record label Dripfeed. After The Sicks, she released another album.

Tarte got produced by Red Velvet Cake Records, a record company owned by Delfino. The singer announced that she had started work on her third album, and it was scheduled to be released in 2011.