Birthday: 10-10-1959
Age: 59
Star sign: Scorpio

Julia Sweeney took birth in the Spokane City of Washington and was born to Robert M. Sweeney (her father) and Jeri Sweeney (her mother). She comes from a well disciplined background as her father was a federal prosecutor and an attorney, whereas her mother was a housewife. As an Irish catholic girl, she was responsible and dutiful since the very beginning, as they were five brothers and sisters in all, and she was the oldest among them. Two of her brothers, William Sweeney and Michael Ivers Sweeney, died at an early age, whereas Jim Sweeney and Meg Sweeney live in the city of Japan.

She was talented since childhood and had great interest in imitating the voices of other actresses and also invented new characters for fun. She completed her primary education from Marycliff High School, and later, went to Gonzaga Preparatory School. She completed her graduation from Washington University and was a double major in European History and Economics. After completing her studies, she went to Los Angeles. Here, she was an accountant for the United Artists (entertainment studio) and Columbia Pictures. In LA, not only did she work as an accountant, but also joined a comedy troupe.

This step of hers gave a boost to her imagination as here she used to invent new characters and then utilize them for stage films and television series. Her developed character, Mea Culpa, received a prestigious award in 1968, from L.A Weekly. Sweeney became popular because of the name Saturday Night. In the year 1989, Lorne Michaels saw Sweeney and could see the spark in her. He featured her as one of SNL’s players and here she acted for four years, from the year 1990 to 1994. She is famous for performing autobiographical monologues. The eminent ones being God Said Ha (released in 2003 and earned a Golden Globe Award), In The Family Way (based on how Sweeney adopted her daughter from China and was directed by Mark Brokaw), and Letting Go of God (based on how Sweeney was brought-up as a catholic, the ideologies she supported, etc).

As an author, she wrote the script of the film, It’s Pat, and acted the lead character in it. She starred in movies such as ‘Coneheads’, ‘Whatever it Takes’, and played the role of Mrs. Keeper in the famous movie, ‘ Stuart Little’. In various movies, she played the guest role of a consultant, bartender’s assistant, etc. In Chicago, the news quiz radio show, ‘Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me’ was also part of her filmography and she played her part well there. She married scientist Michael Blum, and together they adopted a daughter named Mulan Sweeney, from China. Sweeney’s brother, Michael, died of lymphoma and soon Julia too suffered from cancer. Through her courage, she survived and is happily living life.

Judy Greer English Actress

Judy Greer

Judy Greer, born Judith Therese Evans, is an actress and author most popular for playing Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development. Judy is from the state of Michigan. Her mom is a manager of the public healthcare system, and her dad is an engineer. She is of German, Irish, Welsh and Scottish descent. She took up classical Russian ballet for ten years. Judy got accepted into the prestigious Theatre School in the famous DePaul University. It is the largest Catholic University in the United States. While studying there, she took up various odd jobs to support herself. Her first roommate was actor Sean Gunn, who is best known for playing Kirk in ‘Gilmore Girls’. She was casted in a movie just three days after her graduation. She had a small role in the comedy, ‘Kissing a Fool’. Judy played Kitty Sanchez on ‘Arrested Development’, from 2003 to 2005, and again in 2013. She is famous for this. Kitty Sanchez is the personal assistant of Michael Bluth, the main lead in the show. She has also had small parts in the situational comedies, ‘Just Shoot Me’, ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘My Name Is Earl’, ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’, ’ER’, ‘House’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and ‘Two And A Half Men’. She has also voiced the character of Cheryl Tunt in the animated show ‘Archer’. She has also had supporting roles in the movies ‘Jawbreaker’, ‘The Wedding Planner’, ‘Adaptation’, ’13 Going On 30’, ‘27 Dresses’, ‘Carrie’, ‘Jurassic World’, and the Academy Award-winning movie, ‘The Descendants’. In 2014, she directed a short film titled ‘Quiet Time’. This was her first attempt at direction. She has also starred in her own web show, which is called ‘Reluctantly Healthy’. The show focuses on staying healthy despite having a busy lifestyle. Greer informs the audience to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet while juggling various chores. Each episode is no longer than five minutes. In 2014, she published her first book, ‘I don’t know what you know from me: Confessions of a co-star’. In this book, she talks about all the roles that she’s been casted in. In an interview with Scholastic, she admitted that if she had to cast her own best friend in a movie, she would choose Angelina Jolie. Judy was awarded with the ‘John Cassavetes Award’ at the Denver Film Festival. Two of her films, one of which was the Academy Award winner ‘The Descendants’, were also screened there. This festival is held every November in Denver, Colorado. She was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award, a Satellite Award, and an Annie Award for her work in ’13 going on 30’, ‘The Descendants’ and ‘Archer’, respectively. Judy was raised as a Catholic during her childhood. However, she no longer practices the religion. She is married to Dean E. Johnson. She is also good friends with actress Aasha Davis.


Julia Voth

Julia Voth is of Canadian origin and a very beautiful American model and actress. She took birth in the Regina area of Canada. She had basically started her glamour career as a model in the year 2002. This included doing photo shoots for commercials and popular brands like ‘Shiseido’ and Calvin Klein. She has sharp features, especially attractive blue eyes and big fat lips. She was even tall and slim for the actresses of her time. She was also portrayed in a 2002 released video game, “Resident Evil”, as a character model, Jill Valentine. This is what she has achieved as a stunning model. After modeling, she gave a try in acting. Her debut film was the action film, “Bitch Slap”, where she worked with America Olivo and Erin Cummings. Her name in the film was Trixie, who was a down-on-luck stripper. Debut films do not actually achieve much success, but in the case of Voth, it was completely different. Her film was nominated in the Cannes International Film Festival and The Toronto Film Festival, which were just two among the many nominations which the film received. After that, she did not stop flying. She signed ABC’s, ‘Castle’ (American Broadcasting Company owned by the Disney Group, which is a part of The Walt Disney Company), and also played the bold and strong role of Lana in the third episode, “The third man” of the CW television network series, ‘Supernatural’. ABC contracts always brought her immense luck, therefore she never refused them. She then played the role of Chelsea in the episodes, "Parents weekend: 1" and "Parents weekend: 2" of TV series, 'Huge'. August 2012, she started the shooting of Package Deal (13 part multi-cam comedy sitcom), in which she co-starred with Harland Williams. Its second season was completed in 2013 and aired on City TV Fall in the year 2014. Some of her famous movies are Love Hurts (romantic comedy film directed by Barra Grant), The Anniversary, ‘Alone’, and ‘Painkillers’, among others. Her famous TV series include, The Phone, Castle, and Project: SERA. Julia is very active on social media and often posts her pictures on Instagram. She also posted the image of her character, Jill, of the video game on her Instagram page. She has her own website, which links to her instagram, twitter, and facebook pages. More of her films are yet to come.

Julia Voth English Actress