Erica Lindbeck is an anime star and voice actress in America. Every anime series has outstanding voice actors, and behind the scenes, these voice actors understand the characters in the anime, despite the complexity of their characterization. Hence, the demand for dubbing voice artists and voice over artists has constantly grown in America. When the stories are made into anime, one can hear the voice of voice over artists, and thus, the perception of a character completely changes. Erica got her major break in an animated film called 'Sword Art Online’, featuring the original story by Kawahara as a voice artist. She appeared on the telecast during 2014-15, and she gave the voice for Noir, the counseling teacher. It is said that this movie will soon be released to Japanese theaters, with the same name, in 2012. Erica will once again play her role as a voice over artist. In the year 2015, she gave the voice to an adaptation of a science-fiction series called ‘Coppelion’, which also presents some military action and was first aired in 2013. Viz Media was the first to stream this anime, while it was simultaneously being aired only in Japan. Later on, an English dubbed version was also available on stream. Erica Lindbeck was the voice over artiste in English, dubbing for the character of principal animated character, Ibara Naruse.

In 2015, Erica Lindbeck and Max Mittelman signed a contract to star in ‘Your Lie in April’, the English dub. This voice over actress was also a voice character in the anime show, ‘Sword Art Online’, on Cartoon Network, and even in parts of Japanese and American video games. The actress shot to fame once again with her new role as 'Hello Barbie'. In fact, when she was asked to do an audition in the recording booth, she felt her voice would be for Barbie's friends. But after preliminary auditions, she was asked once again to give one more addition to reading the lines given for the role of the iconic doll herself.

Graduating from the School of Theater, Film and Television of UCLA, this actress pursued her honors in dubbing. In her final year, she understood the necessity of voice over artists in her career. She has indeed fulfilled the dream of being so, and even has total satisfaction in her voice-over work.