Elizabeth Hurley is an English model turned actress, who had featured in TV serials and even movies. She is better known for her off-screen romances that are linked with few top male personalities in the world. When she met , English actor and film producer, she married him and spent 13 (1985-2000) years with him and even has a son. But the couple got separated and she started dating Indian textile heir Arun Naryar since 2002, and they again filed divorce in 2011 and the couple had parted ways. She was engaged to Aussie cricketer, Shane Warne.

She was busy bringingup her son Damian, who is now 13. After 8 years of remaining away from camera and flashlights, she will be doing a guest appearance in popular TV drama Gossip Girl. In addition, Elizabeth will also be appearing in a lead role in Royals that will be aired in US Entertainment Channel E. She has managed to purchase a 13-bedroom, $13.3 million country home in Herefordsine, which she purchased with ex-fiance, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne’s money and stays there with her 13-year old son. While she has may not have own any applauds for her film roles, she has been always popular celebrity, who always attracted a new generation of fans. 

She always aspired to become a dancer. She took ballet class and even studied dance and theater at London Studio Centre. Although she got her first job in modeling at the age of 29, even after decades of signing the modeling contract with Estee Lauder, she is still brand ambassador and spokesperson for the company’s breast cancer awareness campaign. 

For acting career spanning almost 30 years, she bagged bet supporting actress role for Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. She has appeared over 20 films and have appeared in in twenty serials. She is perhaps one of the royal actress, who has an estimated net worth of $35 million. 

She was born on 10th June 1965 in Hampshire as younger daughter of Angela Mary and Roy Leonard Hurley. 

She is doing a lot of charitable services. She is active in Estee lauder’s breast cancer awareness campaign, under which she created Elizabeth Pink Lipstick, whose sales benefit in collecting money for the cause. She did take up this work, as her grandmother passed away while suffering in breast cancer.
Denise Richards English Actress

Denise Richards

Denise Richards (Denise Lee Richards) is one of those brave actresses in Hollywood who was not afraid to do most sexy scenes on the big screen. She was also the most stubborn actresses of Hollywood who could expose herself on camera. For her stunning physical beauty, she appeared in James Bond movie named ‘The World Is Not Enough’ which was released in 1999. The spell of her sexy costumes in the Bond film had spread wide criticism too. It does not wonder to say that she remained unfazed by the criticism and went to cash her success with her Bond girl image. Earlier, she had worked with two men actors Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell in 1998's Wild Things, where an intimate bedroom scene took her career to higher success at a very young age. Hence whenever she came on screen, viewers wanted this sparkle lady to keep the viewers with her hot appeal. Over two decades she not only worked very hard to become the style icon and one of the super hotties in the 2000s. Her most successful movie was Starship Troopers, which was a highest grosser film worldwide( over $120 million). It is true that it is not her acting skill, but her sexy look had paved the way for her stardom. She also worked hard in many TV series and was acclaimed for her roles and even won several awards too She was a model and hence this actress was more appealing on the screen. This actress was too young when she came to Los Angeles for her modeling career. Soon due to her gorgeous personality and hot appeal, she got cast in a number of television series, television films and then got cast in Hollywood movies too. She married her co-star Charlie Sheen. She got pregnant and after their second child, she filed for divorce. This actress publicly fought Sheen in to get custody of her two daughters. Later, she was also known for dating another music personality Bon Jovi, who was married already. Even this relationship broke, and now she is living her life as a single mother.



A beautiful and popular – at a young age, Nattasha Nauljam is also known as Nat or Natcha. She was born on 16th September 1992. She obtained her Certificate through vocational mode (computers) from the Academy- Aksorn Technology Pattaya. Her talents are dancing traditional Thai, playing guitar and singing, apart from acting. She doesn’t like if a person speaks unnecessary lies and she has a hatred towards ghosts. She is a Catholic by religion. Her brother’s name is Tao Phiangpor, and her sister’s name is Winarni. Nattasha’s hobbies involve spending time with cats, listening to music and watching movies. Nattasha has a social personality. Her most renowned work has been for the role of Ern in SuckSeed. She made her appearance in the TV Series Look Poochai Ma Tai Pode which was telecasted in the year 2012 through Channel 7 network. Nattasha did a character Plaifah in the television soap opera Doot Tawan Dang Pupah which got aired in December 2012. In the year 2013, she did a role in the serial Payak Payong which got broadcasted during January 2013. Nattasha did a guest role in the well-received TV opera, Yomabaan Jao Ka which started airing from April 2013. The Serial Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi directed by Thongchai had Nattasha playing a role by name Jao Ping Aun. The series got aired in the year 2013. Nattasha did her bit part in the serial Supabaroot Luke Pu Chai directed by Saranyu Wongkrajarng (Tua) in the year 2013. In the year 2014, Peek Mongkut serial had Nattasha’s appearance in the name of Mook. The opera was also known as Crown of Wings. The Action series Tapode Logun which got telecasted in the year 2015, gave a space for Nattasha’s performance. The 2015 Serial Baan Sai Tong Pojaman Sawangwong had Nattasha playing a character M.R. PawineeJarusreang Sawangwong. In the year 2016, Nattasha did a Character in the serial Saphai Rai Ngao in the year 2016.Natasha also did a movie Suck Seed in the year 2011. She also did a music album with Kao Jirayu Laongmanee in the name of Winatee Dieow Tao Nan. She is an active person and hardworking in nature. Her efforts had taken her to this level of achievement in life at this young age. Optimistic thoughts always lead to the path of success. Natasha’s cheerful ideas have got her secure continuous projects in the television serials. The confidence level of Natasha is always high, and it doesn’t come down at any stage of her career. Future has many projects promising to her talents and pre-qualification gained by her expertise.

Nattasha English Actress