Denise Richards

Other names of Denise Richards: Denise Lee Richards
Denise Richards English Actress
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Denise Richards (Denise Lee Richards) is one of those brave actresses in Hollywood who was not afraid to do most sexy scenes on the big screen. She was also the most stubborn actresses of Hollywood who could expose herself on camera. For her stunning physical beauty, she appeared in James Bond movie named ‘The World Is Not Enough’ which was released in 1999. The spell of her sexy costumes in the Bond film had spread wide criticism too. It does not wonder to say that she remained unfazed by the criticism and went to cash her success with her Bond girl image. Earlier, she had worked with two men actors Matt Dillon Matt Dillon is one of the most well-known teen ido >> Read More... Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell Neve Campbell is a film actress and television art >> Read More... Neve Campbell in 1998's Wild Things, where an intimate bedroom scene took her career to higher success at a very young age. Hence whenever she came on screen, viewers wanted this sparkle lady to keep the viewers with her hot appeal. Over two decades she not only worked very hard to become the style icon and one of the super hotties in the 2000s.

Her most successful movie was Starship Troopers, which was a highest grosser film worldwide( over $120 million). It is true that it is not her acting skill, but her sexy look had paved the way for her stardom. She also worked hard in many TV series and was acclaimed for her roles and even won several awards too She was a model and hence this actress was more appealing on the screen. This actress was too young when she came to Los Angeles for her modeling career. Soon due to her gorgeous personality and hot appeal, she got cast in a number of television series, television films and then got cast in Hollywood movies too. She married her co-star . She got pregnant and after their second child, she filed for divorce.

This actress publicly fought Sheen in to get custody of her two daughters. Later, she was also known for dating another music personality Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi, whose original name is John Francis >> Read More... Bon Jovi , who was married already. Even this relationship broke, and now she is living her life as a single mother.