Olga Edna Purviance was born on 21st October 1895. Her birth place was Paradise Valley, Nevada in the USA. She was born to Louisa Wright Davey and Madison Gates Province. Her family moved to Lovelock in Nevada when she was three. In 1902, her parents got divorced. Later her mother married a German Plumber, Robert Nurnberger. Edna was a brilliant pianist. In San Francisco, Edna worked as a stenographer. At that time Director and Actor Charlie Chaplin Charles Chaplin popularly known as Charlie Chaplin >> Read More... was working in his second film “A Night Out with Essanay” and he was in search of a Leading Lady for his film. One of Chaplin’s assistant saw Edna at Tate Café and suggested her for the role. Chaplin decided to meet her and even though he thought she was more serious for funny roles, she got the job. Edna acted in nearly 13 films in 1915.

She acted as Headwaiter’s wife in “A Night Out”, Trainer’s Daughter in “The Champion”, Nursemaid in “In the Park”, Edna in “A Jitney Elopement”, Farmer’s Daughter in “The Tramp”, Maid in “Work”, Stenographer in “The Bank”. She also appeared as Carmen in “A Burlesque in Carmen”, Daughter of the House in “The Women”, Wife of the Man in “Top Hat” in “By the Sea” in the same year. All these films were directed by Charlie Chaplin. In 1916 Edna appeared in the film “Police” as The Girl. She appeared as a secretary in “The Floorwalker”. It was directed by Charlie Chaplin. It was released on 15 May. She acted like a girl in the film “The Fireman”. She acted as Gypsy Grudge in the film “The Vagabond”. She acted as Miss Moneybags in “The Count”, The Girl in “Behind the Screen” and “The Rink”. She starred as Mission Worker in “Easy Street” in 1917.

Edna then acted in the films “The Cure”, “The Immigrant”, “The Adventure” in 1917. In 1918 she acted in the films “How to Make Movies”, “A Dog’s Life”, “Triple Trouble”, “The Bond”, and “Shoulder Arms”. Edna acted in “Sunnyside” and “A Day’s Pleasure” in 1919. In 1921 she appeared in “The Kid” and “The Idle Class”. She acted as Foreman’s Daughter in the film “Payday”. She acted in the films “The Pilgrim” and “A Women of Paris: A Drama of Fate”. She acted in “A Women of The Sea” in 1926 and “Education of a Prince” in 1927. Then she had a huge break. She came back again in 1947. She acted in the films “Monsieur Verdoux” in 1947 and “Limelight” in 1952. For several years, Chaplin and Purviance were romantically involved but eventually she married ‘A Pan American Airlines’ Pilot, John Squire in 1938. Purviance died due to ‘Throat Cancer’ on January 13, 1958. Her leftovers are interred in California in ‘Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery’.

Dorothy Malone English Actress

Dorothy Malone

Dorothy Malone is an actress in American films. She began her career in films in the year 1943. She is known for small roles in her early years, especially in B-movies. In the year 1956, she became very popular for her role in the movie named "Written on the Wind". She was awarded the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also took part in television series like "Peyton Place" as Constance MacKenzie for four years from 1964 to 1968. She then acted in the movie "Basic Instinct" in the character of Sharon Stone's friend. The Dorothy Malone's full name is Dorothy Eloise Maloney. She was born in Chicago. She moved along with her family to a major city in the state of Texas named Dallas. She was known to work as a child model, who started her acting career by participating in many plays at the Ursuline Convent and 1915 established school named Highland Park High School. When she was busy with her performance at the Southern Methodist University, an RKO talent agent saw her and asked her to enter into a studio contract, which led to her debut in films in the movie named "The Falcon" and the "Co-Eds" in the year 1943. She played many supporting roles in the initial stages of her career, some of which were memorable like lusty, brainy, and bespectacled clerk in a bookstore in the 1946 movie named "The Big Sleep", and the character of Dean Martin in the year 1955 in the film named "Artists and Models", which is musical-comedy movie. In the year 1956, she acted with Lauren Bacall, Rock Hudson, and Robert Stack in the American drama film named "Written on the Wind". She won the award named Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She later acted in many movies like "Too Much", "Too Soon", "Warlock", "Man of a Thousand Faces", "The Last Voyage", "The Tarnished Angels", and "The Last Sunset". She also appeared in the TV films like "Peyton Place: The Next Generation", "Murder in Peyton Place", "Rich Man", "Poor Man", "Basic Instinct", etc. She was married two times and divorced, both the times. She was then married to Robert Tomarkin, a businessman in New York, but was annulled with him. She gave birth to Diane, and Mimi from her marriage to Jacques Bergerac, her first husband, who was an actor. In the year 2011, it was known that she was living in Texas and still staying there. She has acted in many other films in her career like "Higher and Higher", "Step Lively", "Seven Days Ashore", "Hollywood Canteen", "Show Business", "One Mysterious Night", "Janie Gets Married", "One Sunday Afternoon", "The Big Sleep", "Convicted", "Colorado Territory", "Saddle Legion", "The Nevadan", "The Bushwackers", "Scared Stiff", "Torpedo Alley", "Law & Order", "Four Star Playhouse", "Jack Slade", "Loophole", "Young at Heart", "Security Risk", "Pushover", "Battle Cry", "Private Hell 36", "Five Guns West", "At Gunpoint", "Lux Video Theatre", "Pillars of the Sky", "Checkmate", "Route 66", "The Dick Powell Show", "Beach Party", "The Untouchables", "The Pigeon", "Insight", "Arrest and Trial", "The Man Who Would Not Die", "Ellery Queen", "The November Plan", "Rest in Pieces", etc.


Eileen Atkins

Dame Eileen Atkins took birth on 16th of June in 1934. She is an actress and sometimes works as a screenwriter. Since 1953, she has done work into TV, theatre and films. In the year 2008, she won the Award for Best Actress - “BAFTA TV Award”. She has also received outstanding supporting actress award - “Emmy Award”. This she received for the TV series ‘Cranford’, a direction of Simon Curtis. For three times she has won the Olivier Award. She has also won best performance in supporting role in 1988 and Best Actress for the movies “The Unexpected Man” released in 1999 and “Honour” released during 2004. In 1990, she achieved Commander of the order of British Empire, which rewards contributions to arts and sciences. During 1957, she became the part of the Royal Shakespeare company and after that she did her debut during 1966 in the production “The Killing Of Sister George”. Her acting in this was so fabulous that this got her a Tony Award for performance as the best actress. Afterwards she received nominations for many movies like- Vivat! Vivat Regina! during 1972, The Retreat From Moscow in 2004, etc. She was also the part of the creation of certain dramas along with others. These were The House Of Elliot from 1991-93, ’Upstairs, Downstairs’, a release from 1971-1975. While talking about her early life, she took birth in the Salvation Army Mentality Hospital in the Establishment of London. The name of her mother was Annie Ellen, who was indulged in the work of a barmaid and she was 46 years old at the time of Eileen’s birth. Her father Arthur Thomas was indulged in the work of reading gas meter. She had two more siblings. Once, a woman came to sell lucky heather and cloth pegs. That lady saw Eileen, and told her mother that she would become a known dancer and then her mother got her enrolled into that, even though she did not like dancing. From the age of 3 to 15, she studied dancing. She even danced in the club of working men from the ages of 7 to 15. She used to attend the dance class 4 to 5 times in a week. When she became 12 years old, she became a professional in Kilburn. When she was of 14 or 15, she used to attend drama related sessions for two times in a year. During this time, she encountered Robert Atkins. She completed her graduation in 1953 from Guildhall. After completing her graduation, she got her job with “Love’s Labour’s Lost” in 1953 in an open theatre “Regent Park”. Some of her TV works include - Sons And Lovers, a release during 1981, A Better Class Of Person, which is an autobiography, a release in 1985, Vanity Fair, a 2004 British American movie, etc. Talking about her personal life, she married Julian Glover during 1957 and got divorced in the year 1966. Then she her next marriage was with “Bill Shepherd”. It was on 2nd February 1978. But on 24th of June, 2016, Shepherd died. She was prepositioned in 2004 on location by Colin before turning 70. She told that this made the milestone crossing easier for her, and beyond her expectations. In 1995, she suffered from breast cancer and got herself treated for it. She is fortunately quite healthy now.

Eileen Atkins English Actress