Birthday: 20-02-1987
Age: 32
Star sign: Pisces

Daniella Pineda is a Mexican-American actress majorly known for her role in Vampire Dairies. She was born in Oakland, California. She is a very fun loving person and loves adventures. She has a keen interest in comedy as well, and herself is a great actress in the genre. Daniella Nicole Pineda graduated from Mills College. She studied Journalism and sociology; she is a very enthusiast person and always believed she will become a war correspondent in future. She first visited New York and started working as a public radio reporter. In 2010, she decided to pursue writing as a profession. She started searching for a job and went to audition as a writer but was found by the manager; she eventually started working as an actor. She made her debut in TV series Men of a Certain Age in 2010, where she played the role of Kit. Her career just started and was already a loved prospect around the country. She featured in Newlyweds as Vanessa and later in comic TV series College Humor Originals in 2010.

She was also seen in an episode of Homeland as Officer Julia Diaz. She had her first break in movies in 2012; it was a TV movie Midnight Sun. In 2013, she was cast as Sophie Deveraux, which was originally a crossover between The Originals. She featured in The Originals as Sophie Deveraux, which made her very famous and also earned him a lot of fans. She became famous after it and received many offers from different TV serials. 2015 was a great year for Daniella as she featured in American Odyssey and The Detour. Her work in these serials earned her great fortunes. She portrays the role of Vanessa in The Detour, which is praised by all. Her character is very famous and is a common face on American Television. She is a great character and always steps up to any challenge presented to her.

She is passionate toward her work and believes in hard work to succeed in life. She is still in her early twenties and is expected to work even better in the coming future. She is a great actress and is loved by all for her work in various TV serials.

Diane Kimbrell

Diane Kimbrell is an American actress. She has starred in over 30 films. She first appeared in the film The Landlord in the year 1970. She acted as Bonnie Parker in the film. But she was uncredited for her work in the film. She, then appeared in the TV movie The Great Santa Claus Switch in the same year. She gave voice for the additional Muppets and she was uncredited for this film too. She then appeared in the TV series The Baby-Sitters Club in the year 1990. She appeared in the episode Smiley-the-Clown . In the year 1990, she appeared in the film Good fellas as a Commuter. It was directed by Martin Scorese and Robert De Niro , Joe Pesci, Ray Loitta and Lorraine Bracco starred in the film. It was a crime biographical drama. She did not receive any credits for this film . She, then appeared in the films Funny About Love, Green Card and Alice in the same year. She starred as a Diner in Restaurant, Business women and Jogger in the respective films. She was not credited for all the three films. In the year 1991, Diane Kimbrell appeared in the TV series Law & Order in the year 1991. She acted as a Courtroom Observer in an episode. She then appeared in the film Husbands and Wives in the year 1992. She appeared as a Party Guest in the film. She didn't receive any on-screen credits for this movie. She then appeared as a shopper in the film Night and the City for which she received no credits. In the film Die Hard with a Vengeance, Diane Kimbrell appeared as a Pedestrian. Then for few years, she didn't appear in any films. In the year 2002, she appeared in the film Analyze That as a Bar Patron. And in Two Weeks Notice as a Tourist. She starred in the TV series Life on Mars as a Hotel Guest in an episode in the year 2009. Then in the year 2010 , she appeared in the TV series Running Wilde in an episode as a Party Chaperone. She appeared as a Pedestrian in the year 2011 in the film Friends with Benefits . She starred in the popular TV series Gossip Girl in two episodes as a Member of Newspaper Staff and as a Member of Co-op Board. In the year 2012 , she appeared in the famous series Law & Order, Special Victims Unit as a Juror in an episode. She, then appeared as an Inmate in the series Orange Is the New Black in the year 2013. Diane Kimbrell appeared as a Passerby in the film Gods Behaving Badly in the year 2013. In the year 2014, she appeared as a Subway Rider in the TV series Broad City and as a Hostage in Church in the TV series The Following . She then appeared in the films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Still Alice, Sleeping with Other People, Train wreck, Bakery in Brooklyn and Freak Show. She also appeared in the TV series The Mysteries of Laura and Doll & Em . Though Diane Kimbrell has acted in many movies , she didn't receive any credits for work in the films. She remains a hidden talent in the film industry.

Diane Kimbrell English Actress