Mary Elizabeth Winstead English Actress
  • DOB : 28-11-1984
  • Age : 36
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a well-known actress, best known for her roles in movies like the ‘Die Hard Series,' ‘Final Destination 3,' ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’, etc. She was born on the 28th of November in the year 1984 in the city of Rocky Mount in the area of North Carolina in the United States. She was born as one amongst five children born to James Ronald Winstead and Mary Lou Winstead. She was born as a grandchild to famous singer and actress, Ava Gardner’s cousin. She spent her childhood in Utah where she attended the Peruvian Park Elementary. As a young child, Mary was academically advanced and was promoted to higher classes. 

During her childhood, Winstead was into ballet dancing and had undergone training. But when she was 13 years old, she was forced to give up her dream of becoming a professional ballerina as her physical height was too long for ballet dancing. Forced to quit her dreams, Winstead turned to acting and had become a hit. Due to her tight schedules, she had to undergo homeschooling to complete her high school education. 

‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat’ by Donny Osmond Donny Osmond was born on 9th December, 1957, in Ut >> Read More... Donny Osmond , one of the most successful Broadway shows was Winstead’s big break into her acting career. She gained popularity and worldwide recognition when she appeared as ‘Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Grayson’ in the popular superhero comedy film, ‘Sky High’ which was released in the year 2005. Later on, she appeared as ‘Wendy Christensen’ in ‘Final Destination 3’ in the year 2006. Later in 2007, she also appeared in ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ as ‘Lucy McClane’ daughter of ‘John McClane’. She has appeared in countless other movies and TV shows during her career and has won 3 awards including a Daytime Emmy Award. She got married to Riley Stearns in the year 2010.