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In the year 2006, Indian Wine Academy brought out the concept of Indian women working in these industries as the makers of wine, marketers, and so on. She is none other than the Vice President of ‘Sula,’ situated in Nashik. ‘Sula’ is the foremost company which has developed its name in the field of wine-making in Nashik, Maharashtra. Celia became a part of this industry in the year 2007 and today, she has become the representative of the winemaking industry over the entire globe. She has the entire responsibility related to imports, exports and even social media marketing. In the past eight years of her work, she has successfully introduced wines produced by Sula in Canada, Middle East and developing markets like China.

Celia’s journey started in this industry around twelve years ago when she returned to her home, Sweden. When she was twenty-three years of age, she started working in a wine industry as a part of her assignment in which she got the opportunity to visit various wineries around the world and be in touch with some inspiring people. She started to develop interest in this field and decided to move a step ahead. She completed her graduation from ‘Vinkallan Swedish Wine Academy’ in the year of 2005 and she went to South Africa in 2007, where she met ‘Rajeev Samant,’ founder of ‘Sula.’ This meeting opened the doors for her in the industry and she came to India and joined ‘Sula.’ Except for production of wine, she got immense knowledge about other aspects of the same.

Celia finds it an honor to promote a company that is helping in the growth of Indian Wine Industry. In one of her interviews, Felicia confessed that she has been a great admirer of ‘Rajeev Samant.’ She added that Rajeev has great leadership qualities and he had been a great source of learning for her. According to the reports, Sula now exports wine to thirty countries in the world. This made Celia believe that the company has put India’s name on the wine map of the world. She is also a member of the ‘Asia Wine Producer Association,’ a program developed by the Asian wine producers. Though she is not an Indian, she truly deserves being in the list of ‘WOW Top Ten Women’ in the field of Wine-making, Brand management, Marketing management, Marketing strategy, Market Planning, Trade Marketing and Event management. She is undoubtedly a great inspiration for all the women of India.


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